Delicious Times at SXSW


Every year, the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) conference takes over Austin, Texas. More than 45,000 folks flock from across the country to hear from thought leaders in technology, marketing, business development and much more. And this year, pork made a big splash by hosting the (now nearly famous) Pork Social Party.

Held at the world-renowned Franklin BBQ, 16 star social media elites shared a night of Texas-style BBQ, laughs, and pork. Check out our attempt to capture the unique evening here:

A friend of pork and travel junkie, Chris from Amateur Traveler, was in attendance and deliciously shared the awesome menu items on his blog:

  • cornbread with pulled pork
  • 2 pork spareribs
  • more pulled pork
  • flash-fried pork fat
  • Jalapeño pork sausage
  • potato salad (what no pork?)
  • A slaw with aioli made with rendered pork fat
  • ice cream with caramel and bacon

As you can imagine, we can’t wait to do it again and we already have our sights set on the 2nd Annual Pork Social Party. Before that though, we’re heading back to Austin for the BlogHer Food conference to make new friends and serve up more tasty pork. Like us on Facebook to get the inside scoop on all the food and pork fun we’ll be bringing back to Texas’s capital hot spot!