12 Days of Pork Giveaway! Day 12: Bacon Club!

Can you believe that today is the twelfth and final day of our first ever 12 Days of Pork Giveaway?

I think we saved the bacon best for last. Today's feature is a year-long bacon club!

Please tell us why you love bacon. Make it short, pithy, poetic, witty, whatever suits your fancy!


This month, we're highlighting items here on PKS.com that we’re giving away as part of a grand pork holiday gift pack. (One winner will be selected at the end of our sweepstakes to win the ENTIRE collection of all 12 prizes!)

There are two ways to enter:

1. Pin the image highlighted in this post on Pinterest.

2. Retweet the #12DaysofPork tweet from @allaboutpork on Twitter to enter to win the entire gift pack.

This means you have two chances to enter per post (if you pin AND retweet).We’ll publish a new post each day, giving you a new chance to earn two more entries. You do NOT have to enter each day – it just increases your number of entries if you do.

See full legal rules here.

Thank you so much for playing!

Check back soon to find out if you're the winner!


13 thoughts on “12 Days of Pork Giveaway! Day 12: Bacon Club!

  1. I love bacon for it’s smoky, salty, meaty, and slightly crispy texture. They are my favorite in breakfast, lunch, dinner, or mid-night snacks. Shhh….don’t tell anyone how crazy I am for bacon! :P

  2. I love bacon so much–I could eat it every day! I looked for the tweet almost all day yesterday, but never saw it. I see now that it was posted–sure hope I wasn’t too late Re-Tweeting. Thanks for the mouth-watering giveaway!

  3. There are no words to describe how much my family loves bacon. I’m hoping to start making my own this year. Will be an interesting experiment.

  4. The smell of bacon frying in the morning. Makes my dog sassy raise up in the chair and my husband head for the plates . the best pick me up better than coffee.

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