12 Days of Pork Giveaway! Day 11: Piggy Kitchen Gadgets

The number of kitchen gadgets available nowadays is dizzying. Personally, I like the basics: spatula, whisk, vegetable peeler. I can live without a temperature-controlled butter dish or condiment gun. But I wouldn't mind some perky, pink, piggy kitchen gadgets to make my time in the kitchen more playful.

Since we want you to have more fun cooking we're featuring a collection of pink piggy kitchen gadgets like a whisk, spatula, and tongs for our eleventh day of our 12 Days of Pork Giveaway on PKS.com!

From December 13th to the 24th, we will highlight new items here on PKS.com that we’re giving away as part of a grand pork holiday gift pack. (One winner will be selected at the end of our sweepstakes to win the ENTIRE collection of all 12 prizes!)

There are two ways to enter:

1. Pin the image highlighted in this post on Pinterest.

2. Retweet the #12DaysofPork tweet from @allaboutpork on Twitter to enter to win the entire gift pack.

This means you have two chances to enter per post (if you pin AND retweet).We’ll publish a new post each day, giving you a new chance to earn two more entries. You do NOT have to enter each day – it just increases your number of entries if you do.

See full legal rules here.

Check back tomorrow for the twelfth and final 12 Days of Pork Holiday item, and thanks for playing!


8 thoughts on “12 Days of Pork Giveaway! Day 11: Piggy Kitchen Gadgets

  1. These gadgets are so much fun! The ButterWizard is totally fancy. I love soft butter on my toasts and this sounds perfect to have in the kitchen. I’ve seen those pink piggy kitchen gadgets and love them too. They are simply adorable.

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