12 Days of Pork Giveaway! Day 5: Free Coupons & Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

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December is joyous: Shop, buy, wrap, give, feel warm and fuzzy. January is gloomy: Open credit card bills, shriek, eat a bag of peanut M&M's, hide credit card bills in the back of the kitchen drawer.

Today, I'm hoping to make your January less gloomy by sharing some money-saving tips. I've asked friends and searched online to come up with 9 tried-and-true money-saving tips for the holidays:

1. Bake your gifts. Everyone loves receiving homemade treats like brownies, cookies, and cakes. My friend Kari just gave me a jar of her homemade spicy garlic-dill pickles that made me embarrassingly happy.

2. Hosting Christmas dinner? Make it a potluck. That's what my friend Amy did last year and saved herself over $300.00.

3. Send postcards instead of Christmas cards to save on postage. Better yet, send electronic cards. Best of all, call your closest friends and family to wish them a happy holiday season.

4. Shop online to take advantage of promotional coupons and deals. My friend Nicole just saved over $100 doing that.

5. Cook at home. Going to a party or potluck? Make the food instead of buying it. It'll save you money and be healthier.

6. Be creative with giftwrap. Use comic book newspaper or someone's favorite magazine.

7. Make it artificial. My friend Stephanie recommends investing in a high quality artificial Christmas tree that will look beautiful from year-to-year. She says after two years it paid for itself.

8. Can't afford tickets to “The Nutcracker”? Engage in wholesome family activities like holiday movie nights, board game nights, and Christmas light drives around the neighborhood. Or do something extra festive like creating a caroling group.

9. Use coupons. Whether they're old-fashioned cut-out paper coupons or modern-day digital coupons, they help save you money.

That's why today we're giving away $10 worth of free pork coupons and a $40 AMEX gift card to help towards your pork-inspired dinner party! Want to win them? Here's how:

We're highlighting 12 items here on PKS.com that we’re giving away as part of a grand pork holiday gift pack. (One winner will be selected at the end of our sweepstakes to win the ENTIRE collection of all 12 prizes!)

There are two ways to enter:

1. Pin the image highlighted in this post on Pinterest.

2. Retweet the #12DaysofPork tweet from @allaboutpork on Twitter to enter to win the entire gift pack.

This means you have two chances to enter per day (if you pin AND retweet). We’ll publish new items daily, giving you a new chance to earn more entries. You do NOT have to enter with each post – it just increases your number of entries if you do.

See full legal rules here.

What item will we unveil next?

Check back tomorrow for the sixth 12 Days of Pork Holiday item, and thanks for playing!

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  1. re-tweeted as well! What a wonderful giveaway. I can always use some coupons and some pork….or lots of pork! :P

    Thanks for those great tips to save $.

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