Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Sandwich with Salami and Hot Peppers

leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwich with salami, blue cheese, and hot peppers

I'm not going Christmas shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. I'm staying home (likely in my pajamas), watching a good movie (likely White Christmas), and eating a Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich (likely with salami.) Actually, change that last one to “with salami, definitely.”

If you haven't had a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich with salami, then I suggest buying some a couple of days before Thanksgiving so you don't have to leave the house on Friday.

Here's how to make the sandwich:

1. Start with a crusty Italian or French roll. Drizzle the inside of the bread with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

2. Line the bottom of the roll with 4 to 5 slices of salami. Then eat 1 or 2 slices. Really, do it.

3. Add a few blue cheese crumbles, or favorite cheese of your choice, on top.

4. Add 5 to 6 jarred pepperoncini or hot jalapeño slices.

5. Add your favorite turkey meat.

6. Pop the sandwich under the broiler for 2 to 3 minutes or until toasty and warm. Eat.

You'll likely thank me for it.

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