October is Eat Country Ham Month

peach_glazed_country_ham_recipeI knew there was a lot to celebrate in October: National Sausage Pizza Day, National Pork Month, Halloween. But I didn't know is was also Eat Country Ham Month. That's a celebration I can get behind.

Country ham is a dry-cured, salted ham that's usually sold unrefrigerated in canvas or netted bags and must be soaked before cooking. If you've never seen a country ham before, be warned: It's covered in a ghoulish green mold (the result of curing) that has to be washed off before soaking. But don't let that scare you away. When it comes to look and taste, country ham is akin to Italian prosciutto — burgundy-pink and enticingly salty, smoky, and savory. And, really, who could resist that?

So don't let October end without enjoying some country ham. This recipe for Peach Glazed Country Ham is a good place to start.


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