The Kitchn’s Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan Dishes on Pulled Pork

115319According to editor, writer, and busy mom, Sara Kate Gilligham-Ryan, you can't beat pulled pork when it comes to delicious, easy, versatile dishes to make for your family. She says that pulled pork “makes it easy to make countless meals from scratch and actually sit down for meals with the people you love, day after day, without tearing a giant hole in your schedule.”

Easy cooking. Countless meal ideas. Sitting down for meals with the people you love. We could all use a little more of that.

So take Sara Kate's lead— Make one batch of pulled pork, then turn it into five fun meals that will last you all week:

Not Manic Mondays: Cubano Sandwiches

Turbo Tuesdays: Pulled Pork Hash

Wacky Wednesdays: Dinner for Breakfast

Twice-As-Nice Thursdays: Leftover Ingredient Soup

Fun Fingerfood Fridays: Larb Gai Lettuce Wraps

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