Celebrate National Bratwurst Day with 8 Great Brat Recipes from Bloggers

Cheese head!

Although I live in perpetually warm and sunny San Diego, there are times I wished I lived in Wisconsin. Well, actually only two times a year: 1) On August 16, National Bratwurst Day. 2) On the Green Bay Packers’ opening day. I really, really want to wear a cheesehead.

Bratwurst is a German pork sausage that is usually grilled, placed inside a buttered and toasted hard roll, and smothered with any number of condiments, especially spicy brown mustard, pickles, onions, and sauerkraut. They’re more affectionately known as “brats” (pronounced “brots”). We have the Germans to thank for this muscular addition to the American culinary scene — the meat has been a part of their diet since the Middle Ages. In the US, it’s not surprising that brats are most beloved in Midwestern states, including Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

No matter where you live, you should celebrate National Bratwurst Day. You can buy brats just about anywhere meat is sold: at the butcher’s, the supermarket, and big box stores. Avoid the “pre-cooked” brats which aren’t as tasty as the uncooked originals. If you’re hard-core, then you can make your brats from scratch. Call me if you need some help. I’ll bring the beer.

Now, here are 8 great bratwurst recipes from food bloggers for you to make at home!


Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst

Penne with Bratwurst and Broccoli from Sarah’s Cucina Bella

Gumbo with a Wisconsin Twist — Bratwurst from Edible Antics

Cider Braised Brats, Onions, and Peppers from Food Renegade

Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst from Two Peas and Their Pod (pictured above)

bratwurstBratwurst from The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Bratwurst from The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches (pictured above)

Homemade Bratwurst and Beer Mustard from TasteFood

Beer and Bratwurst Mac and Cheese from Iron Stef

Making Homemade Bratwurst from Macheesmo

Craving more bratwurst? Check out my post from last year titled, “Grilling Brats for Tailgating,” where you’ll also find the recipe for the bratwurst sandwich pictured above.

Photo credits: FCC, Andrea_44; Maria, Two Peas and Their Pod; Matt Armendariz, The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Bratwurst Day with 8 Great Brat Recipes from Bloggers

  1. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for sharing my Edible Antics blog post! I also have a recipe for Breakfast Bratritos-


    I like to add brats to things if you couldn’t tell. :)
    I generally don’t like the precooked brats either, but there is a place here in Madison, Wisconsin called Bavaria Sausage Kitchen that has precooked brats that are just as good as the fresh ones. If you ever have a chance to try those I highly recommend them!


  2. You’re most welcome, Amanda. Thanks for the tip about Bavaria Sausage Kitchen. I do hope I get back to Madison soon. I loved it there! Keep on eating those brats!

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