10 Great Sandwiches, Plus an Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Give-Away

muffulettaMuffuletta from The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches (photography by Matt Armendariz)

I always knew I liked pork. I always knew I liked sandwiches. I didn’t realize how much I like pork sandwiches until recently when writer, Larry Bleiberg, interviewed me for a USA Today article on 10 great places to get a surprising sandwich. (I’m the author of The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches (Quirk Books, 2012), so I’ve become known affectionately as the “the sandwich lady,” which isn’t a bad moniker.)

It wasn’t until I read the finished article that I realized, “Whoa, I really like pork.” Of the 10 sandwiches I recommended, eight of them feature pork.

The grilled cheese I adored from The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco was the “Piglet,” with ham. The meatball sandwich I devoured at NYC’s Meatball Shop was the spicy pork variety. The sandwich I ate three times in five days at Rick Bayless XOCO in Chicago was the Cochinita Pibil torta, a muscular sandwich of roasted pig, black beans, pickled onions, and habanero sauce. Just typing that last sentence caused me to salivate.

See what I mean? If you’re salivating too, then check out the rest of my best sandwich picks in the article, “10 great places to bite into a surprising sandwich.”

In the meantime, please share with us your favorite place(s) to get a surprisingly good sandwich in the comment section below, and you might WIN a signed copy of The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches.


We’re giving away 3 signed books! Here’s what you have to do to win a copy:

  1. In the comment section below, tell us where you get a surprisingly good sandwich and why it’s so grub-worthy.
  2. Boost your chances of winning by sharing this give-away announcement on Twitter and mentioning @Porkandknife or on Facebook. (Let me know if you post on Facebook so I can tally it.)
  3. FedEx me a muffuletta from the Napoleon House in New Orleans, and you’ll win all three books.
  4. Ignore #3. I was kidding. Sort of.

Good luck! And, remember, sandwiches make life better.

12 thoughts on “10 Great Sandwiches, Plus an Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Give-Away

  1. Hi Susan. You have a lovely blog. As I mentioned on twitter. Here is something that could be fun.
    “hummus spread with sundries tomatoes and sliced apple sandwich. High protien and super delicious”

    Happy Cooking and Eating :)

  2. I live in India, and being vegetarian, there are very few choices of sandwiches in cafes, at most one finds a spinach corn grilled or a chicken tikka sandwich.

    One of my most favorite is a grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich with eggs. And better still, my children love it as well.

  3. The Parish Cafe in Boston serves up the best sandwiches from around Boston from two of their restaurants. No substitutions are allowed because they’re perfect the way they are :)

  4. The best sandwich I think I’ve ever had was called the Cuban at The Cheesecake Factory in Miami. It had roasted pork and ham, cheese, pickles and a tangy sauce all served on some kind of a roll that was awesome.

  5. Rooster’s Market in White Plains, NY – a small family owned deli that makes great breakfast sandwiches and heroes. Every sandwich I had was great: lots of meat and cheese and the perfect condiments to pair with ‘em

  6. I LOVE mufalettas and yhr best one I have had is actually at Jason’s Deli.But favorite small town sandwich is the Sailor at Little John’s in Charlottesville-knotwurst is main ingredient – mad mad love

  7. The best place for sandwiches here would be Shroeder’s Deli. They have an awesome turkey on pita. It’s pretty basic but it is really amazing because of the quality of ingredients they use. Turkey, provlone, mustard/mayo/and sprouts or lettuce wrapped up and toasted in a really fresh pita. I usually just get mine with lettuce. It’s a family owned deli – there’s 3 and I thought they were fixing to start franchising them but I don’t think they have yet.
    I like my own Cubans though. Yes, they have lots of pork. I make homemade dill pickles cut just for them. They are a big family pleaser.

  8. I get a surprisingly good sandwich when my hubby decided to enter the kitchen and fix us sandwiches for lunch. His Grilled Rib-Eye steak with spicy mayo pressed sandwich is to die for! Why it’s so grub-worthy? Because 1) I don’t have to cook 2) he’ll also do the dishes when he cooks 3) I think it’s the meat to bread ratio thing….can’t be stingy on the meat!

  9. Congratulations to Amy Tong, Denise, and Kristi Gilleland! You’re the winners of the signed books. I’ll be emailing you for your mailing addresses.

    Thanks to everybody who participated!

    And, remember, life is better with sandwiches.


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