11 Tasty Recipe Ideas for Leftover Pork Tenderloin

Pork sandwich

I have never liked leftovers. While my two brothers would happily, dare I say, gratefully, eat leftovers any time my mom served them, I always rebelled: “It’s too fishy.” “It’s too meaty.” “It’s too left-overy.” Hey, I was six. My diction was limited.

Although I’m a lot older, I still don’t love leftovers, because as we all know, they ripen with age. When it comes to stews, that’s a glorious thing. When it comes to fish sticks, not so much.

This past February, which was American Heart Month, I cooked a lot of pork tenderloin. (In case you haven’t heard, February was a big month for pork: The American Heart Association recently certified pork tenderloin as a heart-healthy food with its iconic red check mark.) So I had a lot of leftovers. And — Mom, get this — I ate leftovers, leftovers so good I thought I’d share them with you here.

Here are 11 wonderful ways to enjoy leftover pork tenderloin:

1. Thinly slice and heat it, and nestle inside of a crusty oblong roll with sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers, and mozzarella cheese or barbecue sauce, cole slaw, and Monterey Jack cheese.

2. Dice and saute it, and add to home-made fried rice.

3. Chop and heat it, and add to rice and beans.

4. Thinly slice it and add to pasta. Try rigatoni with sauteed pork, white beans, spinach, olive oil, and lots of grated Parmesan cheese.

5. Chop it into small pieces and add to your nachos.

6. Dice or slice it, and use in place of bacon for a breakfast scramble.

7. Thinly slice it and add to quesadillas or tacos with shredded cheddar cheese, salsa, and guacamole.

8. Thinly slice and saute it, and add to a bowl of ramen noodles or miso soup.

9. Thinly slice it and add to a hearty salad of romaine lettuce, sliced apples, almonds, and a mustard vinaigrette.

10. Slice into thin strips and add to a cold Asian noodle salad with sprouts, carrots, sugar snap peas, mangoes, and a soy-ginger dressing.

11. Slice and heat it, and serve over hot creamy polenta with tomato basil sauce and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

So, tell me, do you like leftovers? What do you do with leftover pork and pork tenderloin? I’d love to hear!

Photo credit: FFC, adactio.

33 thoughts on “11 Tasty Recipe Ideas for Leftover Pork Tenderloin

  1. My teenager loves pot pie, anything leftover can become a pot pie. Best with chicken or pork, beef roast works great, too, heat meat in a pan with chicken stock and cubed veggies, whichever veggies you like or have. Carrots, onions, celery, squash, all good options.
    Add flour to make the juice thicker, just keep sprinkling in on slowly until it’s as thick as you like. Toss in some fresh celery at the end if you like. Season with whatever seasoning you like, thyme really makes that pot pie taste.
    When that’s done, pour it into a pie crust, put a crust on top if you like (or you can use pre-made rolls or biscuits on top if you only have one crust.) Put in oven at 400 for 20 mins. You can’t do it wrong, whatever you have on hand will be good.

  2. I grilled a pork roast on Fri, went out of town Sat AM…back home Mon PM, and knew I would need to do something with the leftovers…googeled, and found your posting. You have some great ideas, as well as others who commented. I, too, am NOT a leftover eater, and even though I’m 64, I still say “too leftovery”… Thinking I will sautee onions, peppers (I have several varieties growing on my deck). celery, and since we had black beans yesterday, perhaps use a rice or pasta for the carbs, and go cajun…I’ll let you know…Thanks for the great suggestions….

  3. Hi Susan,
    I’m on the leftover train too, it’s too hot to cook in the house. I would like to try your #4 idea but have a question for you, is it served hot or cold? Please let me know so I can commit or move on to another recipe.

  4. Love the hogie idea! We had leftover roast tenderloin so I sliced it thin and used in place of the beef for stroganoff, sooooo yum and tender! I used Rick Steins recipe but instead of regular paprika I used smoked paprika, mmmmm. He serves it with matchstick potatoes but we had it just on it’s own or it would be great with egg noodles or spaetzle or even mashed potatoes.


  5. I had leftovers of a preseasoned “zesty garlic pork tenderloin” from meijer which was delicious. I chopped it into small pieces and added it to a packet of “rice sides” brand teriyaki flavored rice. Add an raw egg and cook in cooked rice till scrambled….oriental pork fried rice in less than 20 minutes!

  6. Those ARE some great ideas! I’ve been using my old stand-by “Stack-’em-up” enchiladas. EASY! Crock Pot the leftovers, add garlic, salt, pepper, chili-powder, chili-pepper seeds, juice of one whole lemon, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. Let it cook down, throw it on a fried corn tortilla, stack another on top, add more meat, cover with pepper-jack cheese, add salsa, sour cream and you have the perfect Mexi-meal! My husband loves this recipe however, we eat a lot of pork so I have been looking for a new direction.

  7. Hi,
    My husband came home with a beautiful center cut pork roast for New Years.
    It weighed 8 lbs. I marinated it in a lovely butter, olive oil, fresh garlic and italian seasoning for 2 hours. Since it was so big I butched it into 4 pieces, 2 roasts and the rest for chop.
    I first seared the outside on the top of the stove until browned. I then cooked it at 375 until done to perfection. When I sliced the meat it had but only a very slight blush still left to it.

    Here is the kicker, it was TOUGH! I am an advanced cook in the kitchen, where did I go wrong. The flavor was great but we had to cut it in such small pieces as to not to chock on it.

    My husband said it was the cut, not enough marbling, not enough to make it soft and tender.

    Problem, what do I now do with this tough leftover, throw it out?
    I am going to attempt tonight to grind it up in the food processor and make croquets
    Can you advice

    1. Thanks for the question, Wendy. I think the temperature was too high. Pork roasts usually like lower heats around 300 to 325 degrees F. Overcooking can definitely cause the meat to toughen. Also, did you check the meat’s internal temperature? The new recommendations are 145 degrees, which means the meat should still be slightly pink inside. As for the marbling, it’s not as important in pork as in beef. I wouldn’t throw it out. I would definitely grind it up and make burgers, meatballs, or as you suggest, croquettes. Just be sure to use eggs to lubricate the mixture. Let me know how things turn out. Sending good thoughts your way.

  8. Take cut up leftover pork tenderloin And mix with creamed corn and a can of drained corn kernals. Bake at about 350 until either very hot and bubbly or, even better, until a light crust forms. Even better if cooked partially one day, refrigerated and finished the next day.

  9. Thank u! You are a life savor! I had a whole pork tenderloin left from new years and I hate to just throw it away, now I have 6 good ideals to put it to use without wasting it!
    Again Thanks!

  10. I live by myself so 1 pork tenderloin will last me a while . I have to be inventive with leftovers , so today I sauteed young fresh collard greens (with bacon and cajun spices) served over creamy cheese grits topped with slices of tenderloin. Love your recipe ideas esp since I still have half of the tenderloin left!

  11. I put a 6 lb pork loin roast in a roaster pan. Top it with a package of onion soup mix, rubbing it into the top. Add a container of chicken stock, leaving most of the soup mix on top. Cover with roaster lid, and cover tightly with foil. Bake at 350 for 4 hours. It comes out so tender you can hardly get it out of the pan and the juices from the roast, stock and the soup mix makes an amazing gravy. With the leftover roast and gravy, I add frozen peas and cream of chicken mushroom soup. Serve over rice!!

  12. Actually, I do pork loin roast at 400 degrees for about an hour. The internal temp. should be 140 degrees when done; then, let the roast “rest) for 30 minutes. During this time, the temp will rise to 145-150, but will not get dry. The important thing is to brine it first, though. The internet is filled with recipes for brine (water + kosher salt + sugar + herbs).

    I use leftover pork loin in a stir fry with whatever raw veggies I have on hand (green beans should be blanched for two minutes first). Stir fry veggies in canola or peanut oil first; add small chunks of pork (3 oz per person) and cook just until hot, add sauce of your choice, and serve over brown rice.

  13. Thanks a lot of good ideas here , I’m going to slice my boneless chops up , and I found a quick recipe for sweet and sour sauce, and presto sweet sour pork.

  14. I used my leftovers for pulled pork bbq. Shred the pork, throw in onion, green pepper, bbq sauce, any seasonings that you would like. Crisp a bun and enjoy!

  15. Pork roast with or without rub (I) prefer a good rub ,place in a zip lock bag ,massage,massage, massage every 2 to three hours once you have placed in the fridge and leave overnight, then cook low and slow at 170 for 7 to 8 hours (wrap) in heavy foil packet before cooking,so that those delicious juices can just make themselves,after baking remove, open foil packet carefully,as steam will have developed, shred with forks and enjoy!(this cooking time is for a 2_3 lb roast by the way.)

  16. I always saute some onions and garlic, maybe mushrooms if I have any. Then add a brown gravey mix. Slice up leftover pork tenderloin and add to gravey mixture and cook on low. Serve over rice or noodles. Great and quick.

    1. Brilliant idea! Thank you! I always have left over pork tenderloin and can’t come up with any ideas to use it up other than as fried rice. I’m going to add some green/red peppers, some paprika and a touch of sour cream or cream cheese (whichever I have in the house). Serve over broad noodles.

  17. Looking for easy leftover recipes for pork tenderloin for two 93 year olds.. Something easy on the teeth and something not in a sandwich.. Help, please……

  18. I do a stir fry rice with leftover pork. sautee chopped onion, celery and one cup rice in skillet till rice turns brown. add about 2 cups water and a beef bullion cube. cover and cook about 15 min on low. add cubed leftover pork. cook about 5 more min covered. add a little more water if needed.

  19. Just came across a recipe for Tamale Pie made with leftover pork tenderloin. Cornmeal crust patted into a pie plate and filled with a layer of pork or chicken, then drop spoonful’s of refried beans on top of that, then a layer of green chilies and then topped with shredded cheese , baked in oven for about half an hour. I suppose you could also put in some saut√©ed onions and some sliced black olives on top.

  20. I just made an awesome pork -bbq pizza. Use bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce, shredded pork, mozzarella, a few shakes of red pepper flakes, salt & pepper. yum!

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