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Wordless Wednesday: 11/30/2011



Pork! A Christmas Shoping List (Part 1)

I love pork!  I'm not going to suggest that I love pork more than anyone else but it would be hard to imagine anyone that loves pork more than I do.  There isn't a meat I love to cook more than pork.  In my book pork is the most versatile of all meats.  But, I not only love to cook pork, I love to read about pork.  I have over 200 cookbooks in my library and many of them were purchased because of the pork recipes they contain.

It's time to start thinking about what to get the “chef” in your life for Christmas.  I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite “pork” cookbooks.

pig-king-of-the-southern-tablePig: King of the Southern Table is on the top of my list of pork books you should have in your cookbook library.  James Villas has written what may be the perfect cookbook about pork and southern cooking.  As a native North Carolina native Villas knows his pork and he shares over 300 of his favorite pork recipes.

The book is filled with wonderful mouthwatering recipes highlighted by wonderful full color photographs.  The Introduction to the books contains “A Southern Pig Primer: From Head to Tail” that is a sensational glossary of almost every pig part there is.  There is also a “Southern Pig Glossary” that explains all the various “cooked” pig parts you can think of.  If you love pork, then this cookbook is a must have. Continue reading

Pork Inspires: Rachael Hutchings

I love Pork and I love Japanese food, so when I came across Rachael Hutchings blog post on her popular, La Fuji Mama blog I new I just had to ask her to come up with a special version for Pork, Knife and Spoon.

Rachael Hutchings, author of La Fuji Mama, has eaten her way around the world, having lived in a variety of fun food locations, including Paris, Tokyo, Yokohama, Memphis, and Los Angeles.  She features recipes that are a fusion of different tastes, influenced by the variety of places she has lived and visited, and the people she has met.  You could say that her food has global roots with a local homegrown accent.  Rachael believes that food shouldn’t be dumbed down for children, and shares ways with her readers on how they can make the time they spend in the kitchen and at the dinner table be a delicious educational experience for the whole family.    Rachael is a self-proclaimed Japanese cuisine advocate and loves introducing people to the wonders of homemade tofu and sustainable seafood.


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Pork Inspires: Chef Patrick Frank


Chef Patrick Frank loves pork so much that not only did he name his Seattle, Washington based catering business after the noble hog, he has several visual reminders of his pork love in the form of tattoos.

Chef Frank owns a small personal chef and catering company called Cochon Catering in Seattle, Washington. Cochon Catering offers a variety of services from event catering to creating personalized, weekly meals for you and your family. Patrick has over 27 years of cooking experience and holds a culinary degree from Colorado Institute of Art. He has experience in high-end French fine dining to rustic Italian and nearly everything in between.

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Chili Verde for those cold Winter evenings!


If there’s a better cold winter’s night meal than chili I just don’t know what it would be.  I love chili, all types of chili.  Red chili with the bite of jalapenos, white chili steep in cumin are a couple of my favorites.  But it’s possible one of my new favorites is Chili Verde.  The richness of pork combined with the heat and robust flavor of chiles makes Chili Verde a great dish.  One of the things I really like about Chili Verde is you get great flavor without the need to sear the tongue with heat.  In my opinion having more heat actually takes away from the goodness of this dish.

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Pork Ribs Part 3: Remember The Trimmings?


In Part 1 of this series on ribs you learned how to trim ribs to St. Louis cut and in Part 2 you learned how to cook ribs in the oven so they were moist and tender without par-boiling them. Now what to do with the trimmings you saved from Part 1. When cooking ribs outdoors on the smoker one popular solution is to toss them on the smoker. Since the rib tips are finished before the whole racks of ribs they become nice little snacks for the cook. However, should you want to be a little more creative here’s one option for you: Pulled Pork in Miso Broth with Soba Noodles.

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