National Bacon Day Give-Away! Win a 6-Month Supply of Bacon!


Are you ready for the upcoming holiday? No, not Labor Day, National Bacon Day. It’s the Saturday before Labor Day falling on September 3rd this year. And it’s gonna be big! There’s a lot to do: Got anything to wear? Bought any decorations yet? Have you checked your office calendar? You might actually have the day off. Most important, you’d better have some cool bacon-themed gifts ready to give, and we’ve got an awesome gift for YOU!

One lucky Pork, Knife & Spoon reader is going to WIN a 6-MONTH SUPPLY of BACON!

Here’s what you have to do to win:

In the comment section below tell us why you love bacon.

Make it short, poetic, witty, rhyming, whatever you’d like. Just be creative and have fun!

The contest will run through Monday, September 5th, and we’ ll announce the winner on Wednesday, September 7th. Good luck! Any questions? Just ask me below or on Twitter @porkandknife. And don’t forget to TWEET about the give-away and include @porkandknife.


Need some great gift ideas for National Bacon Day? Check out my last post! There’s bacon gum balls, dental floss, cologne, and more!

Photo credits: Flickr Creative Commons, JasonPrattMavis.

153 thoughts on “National Bacon Day Give-Away! Win a 6-Month Supply of Bacon!

  1. I love bacon because it’s amazingly delicious on its own but also mixed with pretty much anything. I’ve had it with fruit, veggies, chocolate, peanut butter, made toffee with it, etc. and have yet to find something it doesn’t pair well with.

  2. ah…..Bacon. How is it that one seemingly simple piece of a humble pink animal can cause such delight, passion and awe. No other ingredient can completely transform ANY meal into a thing of beauty. The slightly smoky, salty piece of love can cure the sick, cheer up the broken hearted and even bring peace to the world. Everything is better with Bacon!

  3. What’s not to love? I love the taste, the texture, the versatility! Bacon, bacon, bacon (to quote the commercial with the dog!)

  4. Bacon is it’s own food group. Nothing in this world compliments the taste of other foods the way Bacon does. Even healthy foods taste good wrapped in Bacon.

  5. I love the way it smells, I love the way it tastes..I love bacon coated with brown sugar and baked in the oven yummmmm. That is my favorite!

  6. What’s not to love? The worst bacon I ever had is still better than the best non-bacon food I’ve ever had. It’s great by itself, but it also improves virtually any other food it is paired with. A day without bacon is a day without sunshine. It is the perfect food.

  7. Eating bacon gives me a ‘down home’ feeling, taking me back with memories of having breakfasts with my Grandparents, also ‘breakfast for supper’ meals my parents would make for us kids. To this very day, BLT’s are one of my favorite sandwiches, with piling high the bacon. Now, you have me droolin’……

  8. I like bacon,because it makes everything taste good. And how could i fry many of my foods without that lovely bacon drippins.

  9. I love bacon,because it makes everything taste good. And how could i fry many of my foods without that lovely bacon drippins.

  10. Saving Bacon

    We love Bacon
    It is gone before it hits the plate
    There is no saving our Bacon
    It is just tempting fate
    We even dream in Bacon
    If we could we would by it in crates
    If we win some Bacon
    Then it will be the pearly white gates
    For our heaven is made with bacon!

    by Jo Smith

  11. I love BACON just because it tastes so good. Eat it morning, noon or night. Eat it with your eggs, put it on a sandwich, sprinkle it on your salad and wrap your steak with it. Yum.

  12. nothing too creative or poetic, i just love bacon. the smell of it cooking can wake me up from a dead sleep. if i could put on ice cream i would. i have gone for weeks using it as my sole source of meat. i don’t think of it as a condiment, but as the meal avoiding those pesky veggie things. i once sent a message to a national bacon brand asking why they made their large packages of bacon “re-sealable” as who eats less than the ENTIRE package. in short, i love bacon. i’m glad it gets its own holiday. it was well and truly earned. have a nice day. oink.

  13. Bacon is my food of choice
    Just a whiff makes me rejoice!
    Crumbled in mac and cheese or on an egg
    inside a biscuit or on a chicken leg,
    wrapped round a steak adds great taste
    on a potato with cheese is never a waste
    Or all alone on the plate with a smile
    for bacon I would walk many a mile!
    Bacon is my food of choice
    Just a whiff makes me rejoice!

  14. BACON – what’s not to love!?!?!? Its smells wonderful as its sizzling away in the pan. It tastes just as wonderful, as its melting in your mouth. Again I ask, BACON – what’s not to love!?!?!?

  15. mmmmm I love Bacon!

    Wake up early
    The gift of bacon, oh so curly…
    wake up late
    There’ll be no bacon on your plate!

  16. OMG WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE ABOUT BACON???? Bacon makes everything better in my life, from soups, to salads, and sandwiches……hell, if I could put a ring on it and be Mrs. Bacon, I WOULD!!!! I love all types of bacon, from peppered to maple flavored, thick and thin cut (does Canadian bacon count???? :-)…..there is nothing like the smell of it in the morning when cooking breakfast, afternoons for lunch or dinner, which sometimes, I think it tastes sooooo much better after dark (so taboo and scandalous!)…..either way, you can clearly tell, bacon is just the bees knees in my book and household! Life without bacon just ain’t life! BACON ROCKS!

  17. Bacon in the morning,
    Bacon in the evening,
    Bacon at supper time.
    Be my little bacon., cause I love you all the time!

  18. Why do I LOVE Bacon? Tastes good alone or with danged near anything else (except maybe toothpaste, unless it’s bacon-flavored toothpaste…), even good if you burn it, can use it as a decorative accent or an adhesive bandage, attracts bachelors and flies for disposal, repels health nuts and other looneys. What other food does one wrap around other, more “expensive” food to enhance it – I don’t put anything but bacon around bay scallops or filet Mignon! Works wonderfully to get recalcitrant sleepers out of bed, too – cook up some bacon and pour the coffee, then get out of the way while they stumble into the kitchen. Then there’s the world’s greatest comfort food – peanut butter, banana, and bacon grilled sandwiches – heaven on a plate! What’s not to love? Sooooo-eeeeeee!

  19. Does anyone know anyone who doesn’t like bacon? Nope – so my genius idea for home made gifts this year is BACON JAM! A years supply of bacon would give me just enough for the gifts and enough for me!

  20. How can I explain what bacon does to me? I can’t even start my day without grabbing a HALF POUND of bacon, frying it JUST RIGHT (not too hard, please), and diving in (the eggs are toast are just hangers on, really). I suck the juice from each piece and smile so hard that a friend thought the Publishers Clearing House van pulled up in front of my house. If for some reason I can’t have bacon (IMAGINE THAT!), the smell sends me into a euphoric space that only scientists can explain. Forget turkey bacon…I NEED THE PIG JUICE! Bacon really is LIFE!

  21. I’m only answering this question, in hopes that my family and I will be able to feast on the winnings! Even if i don’t believe there should be such a question! What do you mean WHY do we love bacon? Silly. Piggies were just about the most wonderful animal the Great Creator gave to this planet!

  22. Bacon Bacon
    Oh how I love the smell of bacon.
    Bacon Bacon
    how I hear the sizzling in the pan
    Bacon Bacon
    Oh come to me now
    Please dont be a Dream for
    I want to eat my sweet bacon NOW !

  23. Bacon…is a perfect food. not overly calorie-laden, salted strips of tasty pork. it goes well with everything: eggs, waffles, chocolate, cupcakes. it can be a main dish item, a side dish item, garnish. it can be candied, peppered, smoked…Bacon

  24. Hi I’m Lynoor. I love Bacon because that’s the last name of my fiance Scott, our newborn son Adrian, and soon myself. I grew up with a muslim father so it was against his religion for us to eat pork growing up therefore it was really ironic that I fell in love with Bacon so to say. Love conquers all and Bacon makes everything taste more awesome! P.S. When I was pregnant we called our lil boy “Bacon Bit”.

  25. I just love BACON because its BACON and how can you live without BACON? The only sandwich I eat is a BLT, minus the LT with extra B! My birthday cake is bacon cupcakes! I give people bacon as gifts. I can think of no better food. Ever. BACON!!

  26. Love me some bacon…. loveit crispy in salad….yummy in alfredo… brilliant with broccolli…. how can you not love the Divine Swine?? There’s always room for bacon :)

  27. What is NOT to love about bacon? It makes EVERYTHING better! How do you make an excellent cut of meat better? WRAP IT IN BACON! How do you make Scallops better? WRAP THEM IN BACON! From Bacon Band-Aids to make a cut all better to Bacon Lube by J & D to make that romantic night with your special someone THAT MUCH BETTER, bacon makes it better! If bacon was not the greatest thing ever, why would there be so many bacon flavored/scented things out there? And NOBODY loves bacon more than me.

  28. Bacon is like catnip for my husband. For example (me) “honey I’m glad you are home we are having BLT’s for dinner, and I did wreck the side of the van into a gaurdrail at the gas station today.” Him ” is this pepper bacon?”

  29. Maple bacon is on the menu every time I invite my two 80 (plus) year old widowed neighbor ladies to brunch on Saturday mornings. They lick their fingers every time.

  30. With an oink oink here and an oink oink there here an oink there an oink everywhere an oink oink!!! Old McMarianne LoVes BaCoN! Ee Ii Ee Ei Oo!!!

  31. Even thought I am otherwise a vegan, I just can’t quit bacon. Seriously. Salty, fatty, smoked goodness (in moderation of course!).

  32. Ode to Bacon…
    The smell of bacon, in the pan…
    Wafting through, …to where I am…
    My nostrils flare….my heart beat speeds…
    My taste bud knows,…. just what it needs…

    My eyes a flutter, I salivate….
    Anticipating….whats on my plate…
    Two eggs. Potato’s….and of Rasher’s Three…
    and Bread fried in Bacon Fat….Just for Me!

    There is no better ….it is a classic…
    from Arctic Pole to the Vinson Massif…
    Up from my sleep..I do awake…
    I hear the clatter of a plate….

    To the kitchen… must get there fast…
    Totally focused, on this fine repast!
    I reach the table….now a broken heart….
    all that is there, ….is a toaster tart…..

  33. I have been on my computer for 7 straight hours today doing some random useless things, periodically checking my Facebook page and hysterically reading “The Bloggess” (
    Upon one of my periodic Facebook checks, I stumbled across this link. All random internet activity immediately ceased so I could attend to the absolute seriousness of this contest and the importance of winning a 6 month supply of BACON!

    My bacon story:

    I have always enjoyed the wonderful deliciousness of bacon. About 5 years ago, I decided it was time to get healthy & get in shape. One of the things I did on my quest was stop eating pork bacon and changed to turkey bacon in the horribly misguided belief that this was going to be better for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, turkey bacon is good and I truly thought I was doing what was best for me health wise. This misconception, yes, people, misconception, about the “healthiness” of turkey bacon over pork bacon went on for a COUPLE OF YEARS! One day, while on the internet, I came across an article written by a noble & genius health author about the myth of turkey bacon. I could not believe what I was reading…pork bacon was no worse than turkey bacon. I immediately got dressed & went to my local grocery store to prove that this man was surly insane. What I learned that day truly changed my world forever. HE WAS RIGHT!!!! After reeling for several minutes at this incredible revelation, I vowed right then & there that another piece of turkey bacon would never pass these lips again. I could now, unabashedly, enjoy my pork bacon forevermore. From that moment on, I reveled in the fact that I could blissfully consume delicious pork bacon guilt free! Now every time I get to experience the magnificence of bacon, I smile and thank God for giving the world such a delectable treat.

  34. I love bacon. The only thing I dislike about my country is that they won’t honor my love and let me marry bacon. I have worn bacon into combat and won Then I celebrated my victory by eating bacon. In my vocabulary I have replaced the word “awesome” with “bacon”. I’ll be like, “hey bro, that was a bacon kick-flip” or, “Terminator 2 is a totally friggin bacon movie!” If I could build a house out of bacon I would, then I would eat that house and be a homeless person. I would then sell my body for bacon money.
    I found GOD in the the idea that the very thing that makes life worth living can also supply me with life.

  35. Well lets see not only is my last name BACON. I’ve raised swine all my life and have been obsessed with this pork by-product my whole life! If theres one meat I enjoy more than all others, its Bacon. Thick sliced, hickory cured BACON makes the day complete.

    We have a saying in the family “If its not Bacon, its not worth it!!””

  36. My life quote: “BACON is the candy bar of meats!” says it all. BACON appeals to all the senses. Obviously the taste of BACON is divine, the smell of BACON makes my mouth water, the feel of BACON as you hold it in your fingers as it enters your mouth, the sound of BACON sizzling in a pan wakes me up better than an alarm clock, and the sight of BACON in all its meaty, salty goodness. Everything seems much better once you add the words “wrapped in Bacon” to it. Shrimp “wrapped in BACON”, hot dog “wrapped in BACON, even BACON “wrapped in BACON” brings the taste quotient up 5 notches. BACON is good for the soul!

  37. bacon bacon what a treat,
    bacon bacon nothing has you beat
    I’ll take you toasted on a bun or out in the sun
    or maybe well cruise in the car and i can serve you under the stars.
    Bacon my love , you are welcomed any time of day
    at breakfast with a smile,
    lunch stacked in a pile,
    and dinner Crumbled atop rotisserie style.
    My love for bacon has gone outta control even the police officer has said so.
    bacon bacon what a treat,
    bacon bacon nothing has you beat

  38. What makes everything better? BACON!! Burgers are better with BACON, bolognese is better with BACON, a hot dog is better with you guessed it BACON, Shrimp and Grits better with BACON and of course breakfast would not be breakfast without BACON!!

    TGFB…thank god for bacon!!

  39. Eau de Bacon

    Lip gloss, boots and assorted bling
    Going on dates I’ve done everything
    Shower, shave, have good hair days
    But there’s a potion that always pays

    Forget fancy lotion, Chanel No.5
    Cologne, aftershave, none of that jive
    Salty, mapley, porky schmears
    Dab a little behind the ears

    They won’t know why, they can’t tell
    The promise of heaven is what they smell.

  40. I love bacon because it’s a gift from the gods. Mighty thor came down, beat the crap out of some gigantic pig and gave the world bacon.

  41. I love bacon because bacon is just baconly awesome. I mean nothing can be as bacon as bacon. Ever heard of the Turing test? It’s a contest to see who is the most human human. Nothing can beat bacon at being bacon. Nothing can even try to imitate it. Bacon is the baconest, most baconly awesome food there ever was.

  42. I probably shouldn’t be entering this. I think I eat too much bacon as it is. But how can I not? I don’t think my son would forgive me if I didn’t. . . & they give it to you over time, right? because I have to admit that a year’s worth of bacon wouldn’t last a year if they gave it to me all it once (not even frozen). The whole family would be whipping out the recipes. . . BLTs, bacon-wrapped steak/chicken, bacon & eggs, bacon in salad, bacon on soup, bacon cooked in liquid smoke over pasta with a Parmesan sauce. . . okay. I talked myself into it. Comment posted.

  43. Just like Mom

    Bacon comes and then it goes.
    The last tiny crumble just starts my woes.
    I have yet to find another,
    as a replacement for my mother.
    So why should I begin to dig,
    for something other than that yummy pig?

  44. bacon in the morning, bacon at night.
    bacon to the left, bacon to the right.
    sweet or salty, crispy crunchy.
    bacon, bacon, munchy munchy!

  45. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better; whether it’s a mundane sandwich, a blasé pasta dish or a just plain crappy day – bacon ALWAYS makes it better. The layers of luscious pork sandwiched between silky smooth crispy fat…..aaaaah!

  46. People, even sex, eventually grow older and more tired. Bacon never ever gets old or tired. Bacon keeps on giving and giving for as long as we all shall grace this great, glorious, dreamy bacony world….

  47. An Ode to Bacon:

    Breakfast, Lunch, and even Dinner
    Bacon, bacon is always a winner.

    Eggs without bacon should be a crime
    But cook ‘em in the grease and you’ve got a winner every time

    Bacon is not just for pairing, wrapping can be fun
    Seafood, beef or veggies: cook ‘em ’til they’re done!

    Bacon dipped in chocolate for salty meets sweet
    A heavenly combo you just can’t beat!

    If you want to know my favorite that I’d pick every time…
    It’s bacon wrapped in bacon and I pair mine with wine.

  48. The bacon addict in my house is my son- he adores it! He loves it alone and also piled high on his burgers! He says its better than anything else…he is 17 and never liked many things growing up-pizza and chicken! Until he had bacon at a friends house (they always try stuff at their friends house and never at home!) Now it is a regular part of my shopping list and is always cooking in my house. His friends arrive at the house and cant wait for a tray of bacon to nibble on. Its the new “IN” snack!

  49. Ye o fat, of savory smell
    We who love you, know you well

    You sizzle, you smoke, you salty bliss
    Taking a bite is better than a kiss

    How much we eat does not have measure
    Could a six month supply service the pleasure

    Bacon is, for those who consume
    A celestial perch upon which we assume

    For no greater taste is known to man
    Ye o fat, we are a lifelong fan

  50. Not enuf interwebs to explain why I lurvs the bacon. Pig, oh pig. How I lurvs thee. You are smoky, meaty, chewy, crunchy – the perfect meat candy. Your smell, your taste. Your kickin’ curvy bod. Bacon makes everything better. As a wise man once said – if you can’t fix it with bacon, you’re probably going to die. Then there’s the lovely bacon grease I harvest and put in everything else I cook. We worship at the altar of bacon many times a day. You can never have to much money or bacon or money to buy bacon. Bacon is life.

  51. Boy, I hope you’re not choosing the best answer. Everyone is so clever. I just got done eating a bun-less hamburger with green pepper and bacon. The saying is true: bacon makes everything better.

  52. Now going on to be 64, I have a long, wonderful memory of bacon. My grandmother use to fix bacon & eggs for my grandfather and I before going duck hunting. Wow, what a start to a day! As I aged, my tastes in bacon expanded to honey-cured, pepper , and such. I love extra thick bacon. Nowadays, 8 minutes makes extra thick, crispy and, of course, great tasting. I just raised from piglet to hog. He dressed out at 234 lbs. And, the Bacon was just out of this world. Cut extra thick like I like it!. Happy Bacon Day folks! Enjoy! Remember the “State Fair” song: Sweet Hog of mine.

  53. Bacon Tale

    Dancing and prancing a silly Bacon Jig

    Its a fancy little show pig!

    What’s that snout all about?

    Smelling Bacon

    Basking under the Oven light

    A simple Life

    Crisp Edges



  54. I have a close tie with bacon. My extended family raises hogs in Iowa so the love affair began early in life. I’m not quite as passionate as the character Sam on iCarly (Nickelodeon), who wanted bacon ice cream! However, I do enjoy my strips of crispy bacon whenever I eat breakfast, at any time of the day. My boyfriend’s Atkins diet has me stealing them off his draining plate, where they go to after he fries them (thick cut, center cut, low sodium) in a skillet because a microwave can’t do it justice. His motto is “Bacon…There is no substitute!” as frying is risky business. Lastly, what is it about the smell of bacon that makes people happy? A bit of childhood memory, a bit of Pavlov and a bit of love for one of nature’s finest foods.

  55. Bacon oh bacon. Without you I’m left shaken. My love has been taken, by a love there’s no breaking. Sizzling heaven on my tongue, there’s no use of faking. Meditation for you leaves me forsaken. Alas, I’m mistaken. There’s more when I awaken.

  56. Bacon,.. the perfect food, ready to go for the gal on the go, you don’t have to dress it up or down.
    Beautiful in it’s simplicity, flavor and aroma.
    A culinary fashion statement, as I have yet to find anything it doesn’t go with.

  57. I luvs the bacon ’cause it’s yummy and versatile and it also feeds my family, the 25 families that work on our farm and the world! Everything’s better with BACON!

  58. It’s been said that cocaine & nicotine might be the most addictive substances on Earth. I submit that Meat Candy (Bacon) is really the most addictive.
    Put down your smokes,
    put down your coke,
    pass the Bacon please.

  59. Some foods are ingredients, supporting performers to the lead, bringing out the best in it’s costars. Other foods are headliners, stars of the show, the leading role in any production. Bacon, however, is rare. Because it is both. It humbly shares a plate as a side or support to other leads. But when it is bacon’s turn to shine, it glows bright and steals the show, lingering happily in the hearts and minds (and stomachs) of all who experience it’s incredible performance. Perhaps the hardest working food in the business, it knows no time limitations, working around the clock at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indeed, bacon is a most critical cast member of any production.

  60. My Bacon Carol
    Deck the halls with smoked jowl bacon,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.
    Happy taste buds we’ll be a makin’,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.

    Don our plates with fresh cured gammon,
    Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
    Don’t bother us with honey hammin’,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.

    See the beloved pork before us,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.
    Prepare a lot ’cause we’ll want more-us.
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.

    All is good when wrapped in rasher,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.
    Join us all in savoring this treasure,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.

    Pass away the turkey fakin’,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.
    Hail to all the true pork bacon,
    Fa la la la la, la la la la.

  61. I wake up every morning with the aching for BACON
    Wrap it, slap it, and double decker stack it
    I love my bacon in bits and strips
    Even deep fried or on grill side
    I eat my bacon morning , noon and night
    This is my bacon delight


  62. I love bacon no matter what, but he smell of bacon transports me to memories of family breakfasts, comfort, warmness, and happiness. It’s like an anti-depressant in a pan.

  63. Bacon is one of the most flavorful, versatile foods. I love it one its own (bacon & eggs!), as a subtle addition to the meal (corn & potato soup with bacon!); or as a primary component of the dish (BLT!)

  64. Asking me why I love bacon is like asking a pig if it likes rolling around in the mud! I don’t need a reason to love bacon, but if I did have to list these reasons, here we go:
    1. I love that you can have it at breakfast with eggs; at lunch on a BLT; at dinner rolled over meat.
    2. I love bacon because it makes a great bar snack.
    3. I love bacon because it comes from cute animals, and I only eat cute animals.
    4. I love the smell of bacon in the morning.
    5. I love the smell of bacon in the afternoon.
    6. I love the smell of bacon in the the evening,
    7. I love how bacon brings people together. People are happier when bacon is metnioned.
    8. Bacon makes everything taste better. Everything except Okra of course. Okra is just nasty and not even bacon can save it. Plus, I don’t like dirtying my bacon with slimy Okra.
    9. Not only do my peers know of my #baconlove, but Klout knows it and you can go and give me +k in Bacon now. (Also, first thing I do is check if bacon is still on my Klout topics. It always is)
    10. “Fat does not make you fat”, which means, you can eat all the bacon you want.
    11. Bacon has crossed the borders of culinary arts and leaked into baking and pastry. Bacon Chocolate, Bacon Cake, Bacon Doughnuts.
    12. No matter which way you love it, Bacon will always love you back. Crispy bacon, burnt bacon, even bacon bits. Bacon is lovable in all shapes and forms.
    13. True story: I cook bacon strips in the oven and drain the fat into a small bowl. This bacon fat bowl is kept in the fridge to use as an alternative fat. I stir it into pasta, rice or cook my eggs in it. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER throw away bacon fat.
    14. Even Canadians love bacon and have a special “Canadian Bacon”. Awesome, eh?
    15. True Fact: I have rubbed Mangalitsa pork fat on my scars and face. Natural moisturizers plus…smelling like bacon makes me happy.

    I think 15 reasons is enough. But if you want more, you know where to find me. #baconlove @nella22

  65. I know my family loves bacon when I’m cooking it and I hear, “Mom, is that bacon I smell?”. BLTs or bacon and eggs for dinner is a favorite of ours. Love bacon!

  66. I love bacon in salads,on burgers, in eggs, omelets, frittatas,on sandwiches & paninis, but my grandson LOVES bacon even more than I do. If I want him to try a new recipe as long as it has bacon in it he will eat it & love it. He even had fried bacon covered in chocolate at our state fair last year. His favorute shirt says evrything goes better with bacon!!

  67. Need I go any further than the fact that even vegetarians can’t resist the power of bacon? That, my friends, is a meat worthy of all of my love and admiration. Plus, in it’s raw state it’s perfect for slapping people across the face when they’re passed out.

  68. Bacon, How do I love thee.
    I love the smell when you’re cooking
    I love the crisp texture on my tongue
    I love that first bite while it is still warm from the pan
    I love the flavor with eggs, in beans or greens, with bread &tomatoes,
    Nearly everything is better with bacon.
    Morning is definitely better with bacon!

  69. With due respect to the great Kitty Wells, I think she meant to sing:

    Bacon in the morning,
    Bacon in the evening,
    Bacon at suppertime.

    Be my little Bacon…
    I’ll Love you all the time.

  70. There is NO WAY I can compete with all that bacon poetry. Here’s why I love bacon: Because when I put it in any food, MY KIDS WILL EAT IT. Cabbage. Quiche. Ice cream (okay, they would have eaten that anyway). Cauliflower soup. If I add bacon to any dish, they eat it happily. I even thought about calling my mom blog “With Bacon on Top” – maybe someday!

  71. True Story: At the last minute, my husband and I decided to add attending a big Labor Day party to our already overcrowded weekend. And, of course, we needed to take a dish. We had some leftover grilled corn from our own picnic, and some great tomatoes from the garden still. So they became a roasted corn and tomato salad with a simple vinaigrette. Taste test: so-so. Add some fresh basil: better. Add some scallions: more better. Add some bacon: “Oh, hon! That’s delicious! You just whipped this up now?” That was my husband. Then, I took it to the party. Same reactions. Gone in 20 minutes. That’s why I love bacon. Makes me look like a culinary queen.
    (BTW: There’s some awesome bacon poetry here!)

  72. Achin’ for bacon?
    That’s me.
    Every day.
    I never get sick of it. Even during my morning sickness I still long for it.

    The best thing I ever did with bacon was incorporate it into my apple bacon cookies. A 6 month supply of bacon will make a lot of cookies and lot of people happy. =)

  73. Here is a song to say how much I looooovvvvveeeee Bacon!!!!!!!

    I love bacon in the morning,
    I love bacon at night,
    if you drop it on the front porch i woould eat it every time
    I love bacon more than anything
    Oh I love bacon oh yes I eat it everyday
    8 days a week,
    oh I love bacon
    I looovvveee BACON
    Put your hands in the air if you love bacon
    some little piggy had to die for that
    some little piggy that was probably pretty cute but i would shoot him cause I love bacon,
    I love bacon more than I love you
    I love bacon
    I love bacon
    If you drop it on the front porch I would eat it every time
    oh bacon is just so ammmmmaaaazzzzziiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is a crime to not love BACON
    beacause BACON is aaaaammmmmmaaaaazzziiiinnnngggg!!!!!
    I know that pigs are cute but bacon is so tasty


  74. It is my step-son who loves bacon more than anything else.

    Simply put from a 9 year old: there is nothing that bacon can’t make better. Thank you.

  75. BACON…B is for beautiful, like Miss Piggy. A – amazingly delicious, any where, any time. C – Can’t eat just one piece. O – OMG give me more bacon. N – NEVER ever steal a person’s bacon. Bacon….all you need to know.

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