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blais-headshot-3-11Richard Blais of Top Chef fame, has been flippin’ out. After Bravo’s Top Chef, Blais became a regular on tv cooking competitions, launched his own TV show called Blaise Off, was a spokesperson for the National Pork Board, opened Flip Burger Boutique,a gourmet burger eatery in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama, traveled around the world demonstrating his culinary prowess, signed a book deal with Clarkson Potter, and announced plans to open a second restaurant in 2012.

Despite this whirlwind of activity, Blais took some time out to answer a few questions for us. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What’s your favorite way to prepare pork quickly at home? Shoulder cooked in a pressure cooker.

Q: What’s the most memorable pork dish you’ve ever eaten? Stuffed pig’s foot.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the most versatile cut of pork? Shoulder.

Q: Any new ingredients you’re really excited about? Spice combinations like vadouvan, ras el hanout.

Q: What can you tell us about your new cookbook? It will be an introduction to my cuisine and personality and focused on the home cook .

Q: You have a great Cuban pork burger on the menu at Flip. Any chance we’ll get to see the recipe? Sure, I’ll copy my chef there and share it.

Q: Are there any interesting food trends you see on the culinary horizon? The merging of creative and farm to table food. Indian food…

Q: After a long day of work, what’s your go-to meal at home? A quick pimento cheese & chutney sandwich, or spaghetti tossed with tomato sauce.

Q: You’ve been traveling quite a bit lately! Where are you coming from and where are you headed? Just back from Florida, San Francisco, and San Diego – Toronto, Wisconsin and New York upcoming. Internationally back from Beijing recently and heading toLondon, Hong Kong, and hopefully Norway soon!

Coming soon: Richard Blais’s recipe for his famous Cuban Pork Burger!

Photo courtesy of Richard Blais.

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