Breaking News! (Plus a “Twitter Party!”)

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This week, there was some huge breaking news in the pork world.  It’s amazing the difference 15 degrees makes.  Check it out!

Fifteen Degrees Video

The USDA just lowered the recommended cooking temperature for pork to 145 degrees.  This means that pork is now held to the same temperature standards as beef, veal and lamb.  To cooks like us this means no more “hockey puck” pork chops!


The new temperature recommendation also includes a 3 minute rest period after the pork comes out of the oven or off of the grill.  During this time not only will your meat have a chance to be nice and juicy when you slice and serve, it will also allow the internal temperature to remain constant or rise, killing any pathogens.


Now you are thinking?  How will I know if the internal temperature of my pork is 145 degrees?  Well, you are in luck!  Next Tuesday, May 31st at 7 PM Eastern Time I will be hosting “The Temperature News” Twitter Party.  For one hour we will be disussing the new guidelines and how it affects you and your cooking.  We will also be giving away 145 digital thermometers! That’s right 145 of you will win one of these fancy and useful gadgets!  In addition, one Grand Prize Winner will receive a “Juicy Grilling with Pork” package filled with outdoor grilling and Summer fun prizes.  Check out the official rules here!

If you are excited to join the party, be sure to follow @AllAboutPork and @BetterRecipes and use the hashtag #Pork145 throughout the hour.  We are excited to “tweet” you!

35 thoughts on “Breaking News! (Plus a “Twitter Party!”)

  1. The new guideline allows for a bit more wiggle room for eaters who enjoy their meat a little bit on the rare side. Yet, 160 °F has been the rule of thumb for so long, that I wonder how many cooks will actually be able to embrace the change.

  2. cool, I never really went from temp though, but feeling and coloring, maybe i should be using a thermometer!

  3. My RSVP:
    Following both @allaboutpork and @betterrecipes on Twitter with @Naya2000!

    gab UNDERSCORE lyn AT msn DOT com

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