Phenomenal Pork Prize Package!

Get ready for anther giveaway!  This one is packed with pork prizes…check it out!


-Calphalon Grill Pan – A great way to grill indoors year-round.

-Spinner Spice Rack – Adorned with an ‘inspiring’ logo.

-Instant Read Thermometer – Check those internal temps!

-Pork, Be Inspired Cutting Board – Look at that cute shape :)

-Top Chef Cookbook

-Pork Recipe Booklet

-Coupon for FREE PORK!


As an added bonus, your Top Chef Cookbook is autographed by a fellow pork pal, Richard Blais!

From now through Wednesday, May 25th leave a comment here telling us how you plan to use pork in your Spring and Summer meals!  One lucky winner will be randomly selected at 5 PM central time on the 25th.  Best of luck to everyone!  Go Pork!

154 thoughts on “Phenomenal Pork Prize Package!

  1. I love pork chops on the grill or a nice warm pork loin salad. That spice rack and cool pig-shaped cutting board would help out a bunch in cooking up those delicious summer recipes.

  2. pork sausage for breakfast, bbq pulled pork for lunch and a mouth watering pork roast for dinner with all the fixings :) mmmm…. pass the bib please

  3. I love having my husband grill pork roast to make quesadillas, or if it cooks till it is falling off the bone, just make some good sauce and go to town! Pork and pork fat rules!

  4. i love cooking and pork is my favorite!!! my kids love pulled pork pork roast anything this is about the most awsome giveaway i have seen in a while <3

  5. It’s a dead race between Serbian traditional pork kabobs served with pita-like bread and raw onions, and carnitas (love the pork shoulder and chicharrones!
    BTW, great meeting you at Camp Blogaway! I hope to see you on another occasion – there was no time to talk to everybody!

  6. I plan cook all my summer dishes with pork when family and friends come over. I know the important of eating healthy and like to share that with others. Who wants tri tip not me I will take a pork chop over tri tip any day.

  7. Along with ribs, I plan on making BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and Italian sausage sandwiches with grilled onions.

  8. Lana – It was great meeting you as well! Thanks for coming over to see me here at Pork, Knife and Spoon :) Looking forward to chatting with you more at other events!

  9. Of course ribs are on the menu, with some grilled corn on the cob and Zucchini slices w/Parmesan. Also some Rosemary smothered pork roast with pan fried new potatoes, and lemon green beans with almonds. And then of course pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with homemade coleslaw, and sweet potato oven fries. Pork, you inspire me!!

  10. Once it finally stops raining here I plan to do some ribs, as well as my specialty–Carolina BBQ in the slow cooker! Not to mention carnitas, breakfast sausage, grilled sausage…now I’m hungry!

  11. My dad for years made his own sausage and bbq. I have not made any since he passed away. Seeing this has put me in the mood to do so. Love that spice rack and the pan great for cooking up some lean sausage!

  12. Pork, in any style, is a favourite at this house, so I don’t really know what to tell you. But hey, I haven’t had any on the BBQ yet this year and I sure hope it stops raining soon so we can do that. I’ve got ribs, chops and tenderloin all lined up, though they may be gone before the rain at this rate!

  13. I just finished baking some bacon in the oven. Tomorrow I’ll crumble it in a food processor, adding parsley and almonds, pulse it a few times, and sprinkle it over scallops sautéed in bacon grease.

    I’ve also got some bone-in pork chops waiting to be served alongside some shredded, roasted brussels sprouts.

  14. We love pork. In all it’s glorious forms. I make pork meatballs, tons of baked bacon, and pulled pork. Chops, marinated tenderloin, and sausage. I’ve even made a squash-stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon. If you count bacon grease, 100% of what I cook includes pork. Love, love, love the piggy. :D

  15. There will definitely be plenty of bacon, and certainly some Asian-style pork belly as well. I’m hoping to try to bacon jam recipe I’ve seen floating around the internet lately, and no doubt there will be plenty of other pork products this summer as well! ^_^

  16. I absolutely love pork burgers on the grill! I also love to grill pork tenderloins and use the leftovers for delicious Cuban sandwiches. Yum!!

  17. Nothing better than butterfly cutting a 1″+ pork loin stuffing with brown sugar and onion, then wrapping it in bacon. Throw that on the grill and enjoy, then there is always ribs, pork roasts and well lets just say…. Life is good.

  18. I would love to marinate the pork for Al Pastor tacos….Oh, they are mouthwatering! ;) Some great ribs would be incredible too. I love the big cutting board too (reminds me of home) but I *really* would love the autographed Top Chef Cookbook! Yay Team Blais!

  19. My fiance and I have gotten into cooking a LOT. Our favorite pork-related recipe so far was homemade BBQ pulled pork for the superbowl! (pic here: We also make our own sushi, which would definitely be an opportunity to incorporate pork….mmmmmmmm bacon! Also, being italian, there’s nothing that smells up the neighborhood quite like sausage/peppers/onions on the grill. it pretty much defines summer! …as newlyweds, we’ll be looking for our own place, and these items would be perfect to start us off on the right ‘pigsfoot’! =P

  20. I love pork tamales, bbq pulled pork, pulled pork tacos, ribs, tenderloin, and “air-fried” (baked) pork chops coated in dijon mustard and breadcrumbs. Yum! Even though I absolutely love pulled pork, I have no idea how to make it but it’s on my list of things to learn this summer.

    If I had a grill, I would grill everything pork I could think of! My mouth is watering right now just thinking of it.

    Currently, my favorite pork recipe is honey pork with vegetables. It’s a very simple, easy to make stove-top recipe and is absolutely delicious. I will definitely be making more of it this summer.

  21. Pork on the grill is amazing, I have ribs marinating right now. And there is nothing better than a tasty pulled-pork sandwich on a summer evening.

  22. My summertime dinners frequently feature grilled pork tenderloin, as it is so easy and can be flavoured in so many ways! And of course, one in a while, you’ve gotta have grilled ribs – yum! Thanks for the contest ;)

  23. Its a Memorial Day tradition to have some BBQ pork ribs @ house and invite the neighbors…and throughtout the summer too!

  24. Aside from the daily ham sandwiches I have, ribs and pork chops on the grill fo’ sho! Also, some chicharrones on the side. YUM!

  25. I would make some pork kabobs on grill with peppers and mushroom. Also some Pork bbq sandwiches, pork tenderloin. mmmm endless possibilities!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  26. Between my family and clients Summer is a pork- fest for us. Jerk pork tenderloin is a favorite. We also love ribs and pulled pork. I am also way over due to make some Tasso Ham in my drum smoker……ah pork, let me count the ways!

  27. Why heat up the house especially in Florida when you can season a loin of pork and enjoy a juicy, steaming slice right from the grill. My hubbie loves his meat and potatoes and even in the summertime so I leave the kitchen behind for the grill for loin of port, ribs and chops. They are all great on the grill and I hope to make them even greater if I am lucky enough to win the Phenomenal Pork Prize Package!

  28. My family and friends look forward to when we have our summer BBQ with my famous Baby Back Ribs seasoned with salt/pepper of course, and the STAR seasoning chiltepin! Along with my homemade BBQ sauce. (finger likin good!) I always make sure to include these on our summer camping trips as well. My boy’s love pork chops, and it’s alway nice to put a pork roast in the crock pot draped with my BBQ sauce to cook all day until I get home from work. We eat a lot of pork in our family. You know, it’s the other white meat! LOL

  29. Ribs! I love ribs, on the grill or in the slow cooker. I’m also a fan of pork tenderloin, usually with a fruit sauce of some kind.

  30. mmmmm porkchops taste good. We love pork tenderloin rubbed with garlic and rosemary cooked on the grill. Also love to do chops with honeymustard rub. I think our family looks at pork-bacon, sausage, porkchops similar to Homer Simpson-a magical, mystery animal where everything comes from!

  31. Looks great. I would use it to further my adventures in Charcuterie. Some varieties of bacon and some fresh and smoked sausage.

  32. Bacon wrapped everything on the grill – I can’t wait! I’m also going to try all the recipes in “Bacon: A Love Story” (a book I got for my birthday). *drool*

  33. Wellll….I plan on some wonderful grilled ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, BLT sandwiches, pork stir fry, BBQ pork chops; pretty much I plan to enjoy pork in as many tasty ways as possible=)

  34. I use pork in so many different ways including ground for meatballs, stuffing, pork pies and so forth. Chopped up for salads, fajitas,soups, stews and pulled. I use it in strips for roll-ups and stir fry’s, as chops for b-b-q ing, baking,slow cooking,grilling, baking and frying. We can not forget loins for roasting and slow -cookers. Finally the ribs for b-b-q’s and bakeing. There is an endless reign of ways to use pork and I think I have done most of the different choices. Pork is great when cooked in the various ways.

  35. I am hoping to make some more sausage soon mostly for weekend breakfast/brunch. And then probably get some salumi’s curing so that they will be ready to go.

  36. I plan to use Pork quite a bit in the spring and summer. I’ve already had the smoker going quite a few times and don’t plan to buck that trend anytime soon.

    I need to know where I can buy the Cutting board – I must have that.

  37. A big hit around my house and neighborhood are Atomic Buffalo Turds. Take a Boston Butt, slow and low it until it pulls (I smoke mine) Take the pulled pork and mix with either your favorite sauce or dry rub, cream cheese and cheddar then set aside.

    Slice Jalapenos length-wise (remove seeds and membrane for less heat), fill each half with your pulled pork mixutre then wrap each half in a slice of Bacon. Place on 200 degree smoker for about 3 hours.

  38. I can honestly say I’m a Pork Junkie! There are so many versatile ways to fix it and leftovers are always tasty too!

  39. Tenderloin Hunks/Lightly Oil&Salt/George Foreman/BARELY 145…….call the vet!…..we can still save this one!…..enjoy!!!

  40. To grill all kinds of Pork, to the new temperature of 145 degrees, anytime of the year in the grill pan, Wow! Heaven!

  41. RIBS, RIBS, RIBS__ the best for summer. Of course, pulled pork, pork sausage & potatoes, boy am I hungry now!!

  42. wow!!we love the other white meat…Teriyaki, BBQ , any way you do it you can’t beat it.
    So summer is here and we love to eat it!
    Happy in Sunny CA

  43. Every year on Memorial Day my husband and I have a “Pork Your Family and Friends” party, where guests bring a dish that MUST contain pork. It is a culinary competition (among friends) among friends to find out who the best porker is!

    We have had some REALLY creative uses of ham, bacon, and sausage. This year will be our third pork-off. Last years winning entry was a pork tenderoin with a blackberry chutney. This year the entries include thai style bacon wrapped scallops, pulled pork done in a smoker, ribs, Jack Daniel bacon shooters (mmm bacon, nature’s candy!) and I am sure a few surprises I don’t know about!

  44. After a trip to St. Louis and Dexter, Missouri I’d love to get my hands on some pork steaks up here in Vermont for some smoking and grilling! Either that or make some bacon. Home cured bacon rocks!

  45. Gearing up to entertain and have 4 pork tenderloins on the grill with smoking chips! I marinated in EVOO, cracked pepper and Madras curry powder for a day. I will serve with grilled asparagus and curry yogurt sauce! I will pair with Markham Vineyards Savignon Blanc! YUMMM!

  46. Since spring and summer vegetables are so amazing on their own, I love to use pork as a side or seasoning. Some crispy pancetta sprinkled over grilled ramps and asparagus, some sauteed ground pork tossed with fresh earthy mushrooms, spring onions, tomatoes and red peppers or nice salty bacon tossed with fresh peas and a tiny dollop of creme fraiche! mmmmm spring!

  47. Bacon & eggs, pulled pork or a pork belly sandwich, bone-in pork chops in bourbon sauce, grilled pork tenderloin with a chipotle brown sugar glaze, refreshing strawberry salad with goat cheese and warm bacon dressing…the possibilities are endless! And of course, pork rinds all around for snacking on. Pork is one meat that I will never get tired of!

  48. I use pork quite a bit for evening meals. Mostly in pork chop form since its such an easy thing to throw on the grill, or quickly pan fry with some cumin+flour for dinner. Favorite thing to throw on top of it is fruit – mango salsa, apple & celery slaw, etc.. Love the combo of sweet and tangy + salty meaty. Yum.

  49. There is nothing better than bone in pork chops on the grill for flavor. then there is always the ribs, hams and roast waiting to be done for the summer.

  50. I love to entertain outdoors! I like to do a mixed grill of different sausages: Italian, French, Kielbasa, Bratwurst. I cook them on the grill and slice them into 2 inch lengths and serve on a platter. Everyone can have a taste of each. Sometimes I include a pork tenderloin sliced in medalions. I lightly coat the tenderlion with olive oil then roll it in dried herbs (already blended Italian mix works just fine) and grill it.

  51. This indoor grill will be GREAT for us here in Illinois!! The weather is SO unpredictable, but we LOVE to grill!! And our goal this year is to slim down our three boys (8, 10 and 15)…pork recipes will be GREAT!! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen with this wonderful stuff and start the deliciousness!! =)

  52. My husband and I eat pork frequently. It is such a versatile meat with so many possibilities! We love the flavor, quality, and affordability of pork. We plan to cook many a pork tenderloin this summer on the grill!

  53. I wish I had more family friendly recipes for pork. If I win I plan on using the cookbook as a reference. Thanks!!

  54. Well, of course there will be plenty of “rubbed” baby back ribs that sit tightly wrapped in the fridge for 8 hours and grilled to perfection finishing with a Honey Habanero BBQ sauce. I also am going to make some pork kabobs, I’ve never made them.
    wbailey113 at hotmail dot com

  55. Pulled pork sandwiches on homemade brioche buns & topped with tangy coleslaw….oh wait, fall off the bone baby back ribs with a smoky brown sugar BBQ sauce…oh, maybe grilled pork chops topped with a corn relish – I realize I could go on and on………..

  56. Pork, let me count the ways! Ribs three ways, pork belly as many ways as possible, pork shoulder slow roasted and turned into pulled pork for barbecue and for Chinese pulled pork egg rolls.
    And I want to sous vide some pork tenderloin; but it will have to be the old way, with a handy dandy old-fashioned thermometer, some vac pack, lots of attention and patience!

  57. I am leaning more towards starting with some charcuterie to include some lardo, head cheese and a spicy summer sausage with some cheese and rustic bread. Then a smoked and 14 hour slow cooked pork shoulder, pulled and dressed with a Carolina BBQ sauce next. Some nice braised pork belly to follow with a mustard jus after that. And then some caramelized bacon bits in some dark chocolate truffles.

  58. I plan to use pork: ham chopped into salads, ground pork in Italian pasta dishes, pork tenderloin grilled, pork shoulder roasts smoked on the BBQ pit to make pulled pork sandwiches, pork chops grilled, Italian sausage subways, bacon in BLT sandwiches, bacon in salads, bacon & ham in quiche are just some of the ways I plan to use pork in my Spring and Summer meals.

  59. I love to grill during the warmer months and pork is one of my favorite things! Ribs, cutlets, chops…! It’s all good!

  60. I would love to win this pkg! I will use this pkg to make amazing Spanish style pork kabobs on the grill this summer seasoned with fresh herbs and served with rice and beans and gresh grilled vegetables and fruits!


  61. We love pork sausage for breakfast. It reminds me of my mom cooking me breakfast when I was little so I’m passing it on to my step kids. We also love pork chops, pork loin, and pork ribs grilled out. My husband mans the grill while my two stepdaughters and I tackle the sides: baked beans, corn on the cob, slaw…and don’t forget the cake!

  62. My daughter and I love 2 cook 2gether and try different ways 2 cook things wed love 2 try our hands at makin some pulled pork! Yum

  63. We just love to eat pork! We will eat it grilled, baked, crock potted, you name it. We love pork chops, pork ribs, etc. It’s also great sliced after roasting and included in a salad or pasta. Plus of course bacon makes a burger better always for those summer picnics.

  64. i will be making my famous grilled BLTs, pork and pineapple skewers with spicy bourbon sauce, and BBQ ham omelets.

  65. well my best friend doesnt like pork so i am going to try my best to use everything in the prize set to cook him something that will bring him back into the way of pork cause its so good !

  66. I love to slow smoke pork weekly on my Big Green Egg. Baby back ribs, butts, bellies, chops…..I love it all.

  67. (In Forrest Gump voice) Pulled Pork, Pork chops on the grill, Cuban Pork, Pork with a sweet glaze… But seriously, I spent 8 hours with friends this weekend as they smoked pork on a charcoal grill – it never ceases to amaze me how versatile pork is – it was like nothing i’ve ever tasted before!

  68. Pork is our bff! We use bacon it our summer salads, love grilling all the cuts of pork and use our crock pot for making pulled pork if its a rainy day!! Rock on Pork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. This is my last year being able to show hogs at our county 4-H show. Our family has always raised our own pork so it is always delicious. I grill year round (yes even in the snow) but during the summer I smoke meat. I would perfect my smoked pork recipes and make my father miss my cooking when I leave for college next fall.

  70. I plan on doing a roast Pork Cuban style (sour orange juice & Milk) having it for dinner and leftovers turned in to Cuban Sandwichs.

  71. Yum! Ribs and a standing rib roast. I also marinate pork chops with lemon juice, LOTS of garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, and then cook them on the grill with a Greek salad.

  72. I plan to use pork in so many ways! I love to marinate pork tenderloin in teriyaki sauce and grill is on the BBQ. I love to grill pork chops and then simmer them in a mushroom sauce. I love to cook them in a crock pot with tomatoes, onions, carrots and garlic and then serve over noodles. The recipes with pork are endless and so delicious and healthy! Thank you for the wonderful contest!

  73. Grilling, grilling, grilling… pork burgers; pork tenderloin; pork chops; ribs.. It all goes so well with green beans, corn on the cob, asperagus, mixed greens… And, carnitas are beautiful rainy day recipe.

  74. Gonna work my way through that cookbook, cooking loads of pork and hoping to incorporate veggies and herbs from my garden.

  75. truth be told, I’ve never been a fan of pork, but(!) I recently saw a recipe for a tequila lime grilled pork loin that looked delicious! My goal is to make that before summer is over.

  76. My daughter–who is turning 8 next month–is the biggest pork fan ever. From bacon in her sandwiches to pulled pork sandwiches to ribs, we enjoy it all! But we have to watch her…she sneaks it when we’re not looking and if we don’t watch she’ll snatch it all!

  77. I’m just looking forward to getting outside and cooking anything with pork! We’ve had nothing but rain all spring in the area.

  78. We LOVE to grill pork chops, or pork medallions on the grill. I usually marinate them in worchestershire sauce w/ some garlic, and they are OH SO GOOD! Summertime, here we come! =)

  79. Baby back ribs in my smoker are always a hit. Smoker pork shoulder is another yummy with plenty of dry rub applied for the nice bark.

  80. Have a pork roast in the over with fresh rosemary. Nothing beats the smell of a good old fashion roast in the oven. Mouth is watering and kids keep staring thru the window in the oven and watching the timer.

  81. So disappointed that I missed this giveaway. I love Pork! Pulled pork, pork loin, sweet & sour pork, BBQ ribs, bacon (in salads, too). Pork is so versatile. I eat it daily.

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