Healthy Habits with Pork

Our recent Easter Ham Giveaway was such a success, I figured we might as well do another!   (Congrats to the first winner, LaShawnta!)

This giveaway is all about healthy habits for 2011.  Did you know that Purdue University researchers found that including protein from lean pork in your diet can help you lose weight while maintaining more lean tissue, including muscle?  The pork dieters rated themselves more positively in terms of overall mood and feelings of pleasure during dieting compare to those who ate less protein.

That’s why with this prize package, we are making it fun and easy to make healthy choices with pork!  One lucky winner will receive:

-Free Pork! Redeem the coupon inside for your favorite, health conscious cuts of pork.

-Eating Well Cookbook:  Lots of recipes and ideas for fast and fresh meals.

-Calphalon non-stick skillet:  This skillet allows you to sear pork using less oil.  Plus, the non-stick surface makes cleanup a snap!

-Pyrex resealable containers:  Leftovers from dinner?  Take it with you to work the next day for a healthy lunch!

-Pork pedometer:  Track your daily exercise with a pedometer.  Hit that goal of 10,000 steps per day and then enjoy a healthy and hearty pork dinner!

Simply leave a comment below telling us how you make healthy choices with pork.  Share your favorite cut, preparation or tell us your goals for 2011. The winner will be randomly selected at 12 Noon PST on Thursday, April 28th.  Good luck to everyone!


Vitamins and minerals in pork

Pork is an “excellent” source of thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, phosphorus and protein and a “good” source of zinc and potassium.  These nutrients are important to our health. Click the link above to learn how these nutrients impact your health as well as the percent Daily Values are listed on food labels. They tell us how much of various nutrients we should consume each day. The information is based on a 3-ounce serving of pork. As you can see, these key nutrients make pork a nutrient-dense food!

Pork is a lean protein

Through changes in feeding and breeding techniques, pork producers have responded to consumer demand for leaner pork. Today’s pork has 16% less fat and 27% less saturated fat as compared to 1991. Many cuts of pork are now as lean as skinless chicken. The cuts in the link above meet the guidelines for “lean” (less than 10 g fat, 4.5 g sat fat and 95 mg cholesterol). Pork tenderloin meets the guidelines for “extra lean” (less than 5 g fat, 2 grams of sat fat and 95 mg cholesterol).  The USDA has analyzed pork for trans-fatty acids. The results confirm that pork contains no artery-clogging trans-fat.

Compare Pork

How does pork compare to other meats for fat, calories and cholesterol?  Click on the link above to view a chart.


85 thoughts on “Healthy Habits with Pork

  1. We have a pork tenderloin recipe for the crock pot that is delicious.

    Other than that, I tend to eat bacon almost daily, usually with a side of eggs. Due to concerns about nitrates, I tend to eat uncured bacon which is still delicious.

    Pork is one of my favorite foods.

  2. I enjoy making canadian bacon in my smoker using a pork loin trimmed of any visible fat. It’s a high protein and low fat treat to that I typically use when I want to make a toasted english muffin sandwich with an egg for breakfast.

  3. My favorite way to eat pork is definitely bacon. Like Paul I only eat it with out the nitrates but I’m not as lucky because I don’t eat it every day. I also love grilled pork chops.

  4. My family really likes eating pork tenderloin. It is very reasonable in cost if considering that it is no waste and very lean. We like it grilled whole, or cubed as souvlaki skewed with vegetables, or cut in strips and seasoned and sauted as fajitas or tacos. Very versatile! Thank you very much for offering this contest for your readers!

  5. We eat a lot of pork. Bacon, grease from the bacon, chops, tenderloin, sausage into meatballs, shoulder into pulled pork. Last year we put squash into a butterflied LARGE pork loin, wrapped it in bacon and baked it, served over fresh garden greens. It was so much work, but we loved every moment of it, and it was such an experience to eat it, too. Oh, and my kids eat pork rinds during movies, instead of popcorn. :D My goals this year are only to continue to enjoy pork to the fullest. It is by far our favorite meat. :D

  6. I love pork tendeloin asian style.. I will marinate it in soy sauce, garlic, ginger and stir fry with veggies.

    The slow cooker is another great option with pork roast.

  7. I love bacon! And ham and grilled pork chops! So good it makes me hungry just thinking about it. And a slow cooked pork loin seasoned to perfection, melts in your mouth, which I done yesterday, and even the neighbors was asking me what I done to make the whole neighborhood smell so good!

  8. We really enjoy grilling pork chops. We eat them at least 3 times a week! We prepare them many different ways. Even our 3 yr old loves them. He even asks for them. We also really enjoy bacon. We have switched to pork for health reasons. We don’t feel like we are missing out on anything. My goal is to keep trying some of the wonderful recipes and try new cuts of pork.

  9. Bacon rules the roost when it comes to eating pork but my wife also makes an amazing roasted pork tenderloin. It always comes out of the oven with an amazingly crispy crust and juicy meat. LOVE IT!

  10. The key for me is to choose very lean cuts of pork. Whether you pop it in the crock pot, grill it or bake it, the taste is superb. I must admit that we do endulge in bacon from time to time, but like everything else, moderation is key.

  11. Bacon for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch, and pork chops for dinner. Our little piggie friends have got it all!

  12. I love dicing boneless chops into chunks and cooking it in a wok with teriyaki, garlic, onions and red chili flakes. Serve it over some rice or couscous and you’re good to go! It’s a simple recipe, but it’s a favorite health-conscious choice in our household.

  13. I cook pork many different ways. One of my favorites is to use a dry rub on a whole pork loin, cook it in a slowcooker until it shreds, and add barbeque sauce. Great party food!

  14. We like Pork tenderloin. It’s nice and lean and a good choice for a small family: if the cut at the store is too big for us, we just slice off some medallions to cook later so it makes two meals.

  15. Grilling butterfly chops on the BBQ is a fave for sure! Also, pork roast in the slow cooker (save the juices and use to make rice!) And, of course, who can overlook that “candy of meat”: BACON! We save the bacon fat and use for frying eggs, adding to stuffing and greasing the griddle for pancakes.

  16. My family LOVES pork. We eat a lot of bacon, prosciutto, pork chops, and the occasional tenderloin. I do a lot of cooking out of the slow cooker and in the oven( including the bacon). My biggest health and fitness goal in 2011 is to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in November. 60 miles! Well more like 600 when you add in the training!

  17. I love all kinds of pork. If I had to choose one it would have to be tenderloin. I like the fact that it is low fat, health BUT very tasty and versatile!!

  18. I love using pork because it’s so lean and versatile. Since becoming disabled, I really have to eat better so I go lean, adding lots of veggies and I grill or bake my pork. I have to take control of my diet (which isn’t horrible) but with this new ‘lifestyle’ I realize I have a battle ahead to stay healthy and fit.

  19. What a wonderful giveaway package! I like to slow cook pork in my crock pot. It is so tender, and tastes so good! I can use just about any cut of pork, too. My favorite is pork shoulder with diced onions and celery and peppers, with BBQ sauce when it’s done.

  20. It’s all about the pig, baby! I cook pork in a lot of different ways. In stir-frys, and on the grill. Roasted in the oven or cooked low and slow all day in the crockpot. Pork is incredibly versatile and tasty. And of course as bacon! Everything’s better with bacon!

  21. I think it would be hard to name my favorite cut of pork. I have to consider Bacon in a class all by itself. I love a nice grilled tenderloin with asparagus and new potatoes, but I also think a Pork steak is where it’s at. Throw a Boston Butt in the smoker until it falls apart and toss it on a sandwich?? This could be one of the most difficult questions I’ve had to answer in a long time!!

  22. I love bacon and use it in many ways. After I cook bacon crisp I save a few Tablespoons of the bacon fat in the skillet and brown slider rolls (cut-side down). Of course, I use the crispy bacon (with other ingredients of choice) to make thesliders.

  23. Our family has gluten allergies so we appreciate the healthy options that pork offers. We like pork loin with ginger and chili powder rub, cooked on low heat. Although we try to limit bacon we enjoy it in a fresh broccoli salad with raisins, onions, and sunflower seeds.

  24. I swim 6 days a week and when I get up early to head to the pool I want a protein rich breakfast. I make myself a sandwich with canadian bacon, egg and cheese. I have all of the feul I need to get through a tough work out.

  25. We eat a lot of pork around here, but my all time favorite is roast pork. Not only does it make fantastic gravy, but it’s really good in sandwiches too.

  26. I make healthy choices with pork by using cuts with small amounts of fat. Pork is very versatile and aon be used in a number of healthy dishes, such as an asian stir fry.

  27. Being from Iowa, if we didnt like pork, they would throw us out of the state :) My favorite by far is ham & bacon, but then again when grilling season comes nothing beats an Iowa chop on the grill sizzling away!
    Pork- the other white meat- support a farmer!

  28. One of my faves is pork fried rice, made with pork loin chops cut into small pieces. You can trim all the fat off, use a health-conscious oil and you’re on your way!

  29. I make the best meatballs in sauce ever. Ground pork,1/2cup grated Parmesan or Romano cheese,1/2cup bread crumbs,3 cloves minced garlic, chopped Italian parsley,salt &pepper to taste,one egg.mix it all together and form into balls. Now in 3tblsp olive oil sauté 4-5 chicken drumsticks till golden, add I chopped small sweet onion , 3 ripped basil leaves and 2 large cans diced tomatoes stir in 1/2 can water. When this starts to simmer add the meatballs and simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours storing occasionally. Enjoy.this is great because the meatballs melt in your mouth and you don’t have to fry them first.

  30. we marinate pork roast for about 12 hours then grill it for very tasty refreshing banh mi sandwiches. all those fresh veggies and taste sensations all in one!!

  31. I cook pork in a variety of ways and one of my favorite is to get a 9 – 10 lb. pork loin and cut it into (2) 3 lb. roasts and 8 thick pork chops. To roast the loin, I drizzle with olive oil and rub with one of 2 dry rubs I make. My dry rubs don’t have sugar but do have lots of spices. Roast in the oven on a rack & roasting pan, 15 min. at 450 to sear and then 45 – 80 min. at 250 until the thermometer says 145. Let rest before slicing. Yummy!

  32. I love pork tenderloin! I enjoy several different marinades (teriyaki, barbeque, Carribean Jerk, etc.) and I love to cook it slowly on my gas grill………that’s my favorite!

  33. We use a lot of pork tenderloin and boneless loin chops in our house. One of our favorite things to do is make a quick pork stir fry with lots of vegetables. The tenderloins we usually marinate and grill and then use the leftover meat to make homemade fried rice using brown rice and low sodium soy sauce…one of my daughter;s favorite dishes!

  34. I love the thing cut pork chops.. helps with portion control :) to just grill them up with a little seasoning.. perfect!! they also go great in wraps with some wild rice/brown rice mix, fresh lettuce and cucumber sauce!

  35. This is a practice my husband’s MOM utilized.
    She used to make Boston Butt or Pork Shoulder on the grill with Soy Sauce and Vinegar.
    It was pretty darn good.
    So I make Pork Loin with the Monterey Seasoning. It is sooo good and if it is very similar to the fat content of chicken, then we are doing Very good.

  36. Have been a life long fan of pork. Love BACON,Pork chops, ribs, roast and pulled pork BBQ not to mention pig roasts. I now cook up a full pound of bacon on Sunday mourning for my bacon sandwiches etc throut the week. My grandson suggest that I marinate pork chops in terriaki sauce then my husband grills them. They have become a favorite for us. So simple and oh so tastey.

  37. I love a lean prok roast, so simple to make! Put in crock pot for about 8-9hrs. 3lbs roast, 2 beef bouillion cubes, carrots, potatoes, celery, diced tomatoes over the top. Rinse can with water from tomatoes and add to roast. Add minced garlic and pepper. Enjoy!

  38. Using either chops or a tenderloin cut into medallions, I marinate them with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and sage (preferably pineapple sage, if available). Then I simply grill it. My son loves it so much, he asks for seconds!

  39. We love to grill pork tenderloin. Usually whole, but sometimes we slice it into think chops and stuff with rice and veggies!

  40. For us it is about mixing it up with our family. If we didn’t have pork as a part of our protein rotation they would go crazy! We do an easy pork tenderloin roast in the crock pot with cooking sherry and fresh herbs and it’s killer. No added fat with additional butters or oils…and the taste is incredible. Pair it with some sweet potato fries and we have a sure fire winner on our hands!

  41. Oooh, a good pork tenderloin with tons of garlic and some rosemary. Sometimes I’ll stuff it with a little bit of gruyere, but only if I’m feeling like seriously indulging! I

  42. I love pork loin roasts and tenderloins the best (but a good pork chop is great to have too). I usually marinate and grill the tenderloin or chops but always oven roast the pork loin!

  43. I love cooking pork. I like to simmer pork loin or chops in vegetable or chicken broth and add onions,carrot and celery. Its delicious served with or over brown rice. Im actually making porkchops tonight. Im going to bake them with a little apple sauce on top.

  44. I like to cook a pork tenderloin with a teriyaki marinade in the crockpot. and then place under the broiler for a few minutes to brown it.
    We also like to eat bone in pork chops pan sauteed with sliced apples. Use bacon so many ways…in BLT sandwich, garnish for salads & deviled eggs. We love usingCanadian bacon to make a breakfast sandwich.

  45. I am a pork addict.

    I like to pound out some pork cutlets, dip in egg whites, then in homemade whole wheat breadcrumbs. Pop them right in the oven at 350 for about 15-20 minutes. Served with a baked sweet potato and a salad. YUM!

  46. My family loves pork! We rarely eat beef, so pork is a nice way to break up the chicken monotony! I usually make pork shoulder with Mexican flavors, lots of stews like pozole or chile verde that stretch and have tons of flavor. My favorite pork recipe is carnitas, twice fried pork, but that defeats the purpose of eating a leaner meat! LOL!

  47. My family and I LOVE Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches made in the crock pot!! YUM! Goes over well when we have a large get together with family and friends.

  48. I love roasting pork loin on top of potatoes, carrots, and onions and rubbing the meat in a homemade pesto sauce. The pork drips all of its amazing flavor into the veggies and it’s so easy to do! Then I make a gravy by adding a little low sodium chicken stock to the bottom of the roasting pan. It’s full of flavor and healthy!

  49. I like to make a pork roast in the Crock Pot with potatoes and carrots. My husband has gall bladder issues and can’t eat beef roast anymore so this is one thing he can still really enjoy.

  50. I use ground pork and leafy greens along with whatever else I got at the farmers market and make a big pot of minestrone, then fill different size poly containers cause sometimes I’m hungrier than others, also a scoop of this from a slotted spoon makes pretty good omelet filling

  51. ^Oh yeah, I always have at least a pound of pork sausage in the fridge, I use it for sautéd greens, fried potatoes, omelets/scrambled eggs… etc…

  52. Pork goes great with any kind of vegetable – salad, steamed, grilled. It makes getting the daily veggies in easier & tastier!

  53. I really love a pork tenderloin roasted along with slices of sweet potatoes and sliced, peeled apples. Add a wild rice pilaf and a nice low fat glaze on the side and it is quite a comfort food meal. The stat that pork tenderloin is about as low in saturated fat as chicken breasts and it is a great choice!

  54. I love pork!! I prepare my scalloped potatoes with cut up ham. And my pork chops I fry them up and add cream of mushroom soup. And ohhh Bacon…. I crave bacon so much that I did buy that pre cooked bacon just so I can eat it faster in the microwave in a min. @MCJunkie

  55. I haven’t been eating pork as healthy as I should be, I tend to stick with the FRIED bacon and FRIED pork chops, which in the end is a big no no. My goals for this year is to find healthier recipes for grilling, baking, and using the crock pot for cooking pork. So far, I have baked pork chops and smothered them with mushroom gravy and it turned out beyond delicious! I would love to have the 500 calorie cookbook to help me eat healthier, and feel better this year.

  56. I just grilled DRY AGED rib Chops and let me tell you how incredibly surprised I was on the incredible flavor. I must admit when I first seen this at my grocer I was a little skeptical but Holy smackin Oly’s does this work for Pork. Look for them, you’ll very much enjoy.

  57. I make healthy choices just by buying and cooking pork.Pork Is the healthier choice.I love the tenderloin.YUM

  58. My favorite pork dish is a nice lean pork chop. Grilled and marinated in cilantro, cumin, and olive oil. We are trying to eat leaner and healthier in 2011. Pork helps us do that.

  59. Thanks for tweeting the reminder! Pork is a favorite in our house, we love to prepare pork tenderloin either Vietnamese style (sliced thin and marinated in a lemongrass, soy and ginger mixture) and served over rice noodles or with a whole grain mustard crust over fresh field greens and a light vinaigrette. We are eating pork for the flavor and to get lean protein into our diets on a regular basis!

  60. I live for Summers for Grilling…in fact, I grill year ’round. I love Lean Pork Grilled to Perfection and I feel like I am providing something healthy for my family.

  61. I like to put a cut-up pork chop in my salad in replace of chicken to have a little change… it is good!!

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