Easter Ham Recipe and Giveaway!

Raise your hand if you would like a FREE ham for Easter dinner!

Here is all you have to do…

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us how you are planning to celebrate the season, or how you will use your ham for the holiday. It’s that easy!

But hurry!  A winner will be randomly selected at Noon PST on April 20th. Good luck everyone!


In the meantime, I wanted to share a great ham recipe with you all.  Talk about “Be Inspired!”  If you love the Italian classic “saltimbocca” you simply must try this recipe.  It incorporates the signature combination of sage, prosciutto and, of course, wine, into the ham preparation.

Sage is sprinkled on the ham before it goes into the oven, and that great flavor is infused into the succulent meat.  While the ham is resting you prepare a flavorful pan sauce to pour over the sliced ham.  Finally, crisp prosciutto is crumbled on top to finish off the dish.

Pork on top of pork? I’m in!  Give it a try this Easter, the recipe will become a new family favorite!



1 6- to 8-pound fully-cooked bone-in shank end ham, trimmed

1/4 cup chopped fresh sage leaves, divided


4 thin slices prosciutto

1 cup chicken broth, low sodium

1 cup dry white wine (for non-alcoholic, substitute an additional cup of chicken broth)

4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, cut into 4 to 6 pieces

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour dissolved in 1/3 cup cold water


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Position rack in lower third of oven.

Place ham flat side down in a large shallow roasting pan and score a diamond pattern about 1/8-inch deep into any fat. Sprinkle all over with 2 tablespoons sage and season with pepper. Bake until internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F, 15 to 18 minutes per pound total cooking time. After the first hour, baste with pan juices about every 15 minutes. Remove ham from the oven, transfer to a cutting board, and let rest 15 to 30 minutes.

While ham is resting, increase oven to 400 degrees F. Arrange prosciutto on a baking sheet and bake until crisped, about 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Also while ham is resting, drain the roasting pan, discarding liquid. Place the pan on the stovetop over medium-high heat. Add broth and wine, bring to a boil, and cook, scraping up any browned bits in the pan, until liquid is reduced to 1 1/2 cups, about 4 minutes depending on the size of the pan. Reduce to a simmer and add butter and remaining 2 tablespoons sage, stirring until butter melts. Whisk in flour mixture and cook, whisking, until sauce thickens, 30 to 60 seconds. Remove from the heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Carve ham and arrange on plates or a platter. Crumble prosciutto on top. Serve sauce on the side.

Serving suggestions:

Because the ham is so flavorful, try serving a simple side of steamed new potatoes and asparagus or carrots. You can substitute dried sage (about 1 1/2 tablespoons) instead of fresh. And, although it would no longer be a classic butter-wine-sage saltimbocca, you can even replace rosemary, thyme, or a combination of herbs for the sage. If you like, omit the prosciutto.

Yield: 15 to 20 4-ounce servings

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: About 2 3/4 hours

Nutritional Information per Serving:

Calories: 250 Fat: 10g Saturated Fat: 4g  Cholesterol: 100mg Sodium: 2010mg Carbohydrates: 4g Protein: 32g Fiber: 0g

126 thoughts on “Easter Ham Recipe and Giveaway!

  1. We don’t have much family around anymore so it’ll just be my husband and I having our Easter dinner. But we always have a big dinner and always have ham.

  2. I love to do a somewhat traditional ham…. I like to cover it with brown sugar and cinnamon paste that also includes pineapple juice and crushed pineapple… This year I am going to add chipotle for a kick and for smokey goodness. I will let it marinate over night just to let the flavors infuse and then I just let it slow cook and let the flavors mingle. even more.

    That is how I am doing my ham for Easter!

  3. We always go to my parents for Easter and they have a ham. But I like to also make my own around Easter time – My dad doesn’t use my glaze recipe (which I love!) and he won’t part with the leftover bones. The soup I make from the leftover bones is the best part!

  4. My Easter plan is going over to my mothers home and making her a Easter Dinner. She has been very sick and I really want to cheer her up.

  5. For the last several years, I’ve gone to a friend’s house for Easter. She throws an “Easter orphans” potluck — anyone who is far from family s welcome. We all come together and pitch in and make a fabulous feast, drink lovely wine, and sharing the joy of the season.

  6. My Husband and I always celebrate with our family and all 7 grandkids, first off a good breakfast, easter egg hunt with the kids, and then getting ready to make easter dinner with a free ham would be extra special, and it would save a big exspence. so i hope i win that ham
    Happy Easter…

  7. Easter is only the beginning of the Great Spring Ham-tacular! A week of grilled ham sandwiches, ham cooked in milk, lentil soup and ham and cabbage!

  8. We are definitely using a honey ham to celebrate Easter I love the ham itself but I also like to put chunks in the green beans and make honey ham sliders on sweet bread w/ leftover ham!

  9. Were having all the family over to my big sisters house. She’s making the ham but I’m preaty much cooking everything else. I’m so excited because I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I plan on making deviled eggs for an app, one with cheddar and bacon and one with chorizo, jalapeños, and cilantro. For the sides I’m doing southern style baked spaghetti and collard greens, and roasted carrots and parsnips. Finally for dessert I’m making my very first carrot cake!!! On top of all that my younger sister and I are doing an Easter egg hunt for our niece and nephews. Whew I’m gonna need my energizer bunny with me next weekend!

  10. First time every bought a spiral ham. Usually just buy a regular one then score it and smear it with brown sugar and honey and pour oj and pineapple juice over and have sliced pineapple and cloves attached. Always is so juicy. Want to cook it now!

  11. I would use my ham by glazing it with a special recipe I use and then serving it up to my family with sides of sweet potatoes, fresh sauteed green beans with onion and bacon and some fresh rolls. Thank you for the chance to win this yummy ham!

  12. This Easter my family is traveling to bring lunch to my mother as she is not feeling well enough to travel. My sister passed away this year and it has devastated my mother and we are bring her a delicious ham and some lovely condiments to make a casual lunch so we can all be together and celebrate our family strength. Ham is her favorite and I know it will brighten her spirits.

  13. I spend easter with my family (me, hubby, daughter, mom, dad and brother’s family) and we do an easter egg hunt for the 3 little ones, a big dinner with ham and turkey and then a traditional Greek egg cracking.

  14. I am planning on having Easter dinner with my friends and family this year, it would be really fun to make the ham for a change, and I LOVE free things!

  15. If I’d win this delicious looking ham….I’d take it to my Mother’s house (she’s 87 years old) and ask her to show me how she always made our Easter ham. I’ve never been able to duplicate her Easter ham and never took the time to learn, so….here’s a perfect opportunity, since I am no longer working and I have the spare time, I’m going for it!! Leftovers? If there are any? A big batch of Pennsylvania Dutch String Beans and Ham and/or Ham & Bean Soup with Smoked Sausage….both using the dripping from baking the ham! I’m drooling already!

  16. We celebrate Easter by having a brunch with the family and friends.
    After we have eaten we have an Easter Egg Hunt for the young ones.


  17. This is about the pork giveaway – really great recipe – I have also used nonalcoholic sparkling cider in pork and chicken recipes, as well as the nonalcoholic wine stated in the recipe. My husband likes pork on Easter and we would have any remaining in brunch recipes at another time. Will have family over and then may go out for a walk or a ride if the weather is good.

  18. Mmmm, love the saltimbocca flavorings. {hand raised} We are staying home for Easter this year (we usually get together w/ the extended fam at another relatives) and enjoying a peaceful holiday :D

  19. I’ve never cooked ham before, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to tackle, along with roasting a chicken. This recipe looks delicious!

  20. I am very traditonal when it come to Easter dinner… Good ole maked ham, scalloped potatoes and asparagus served with warm rolls and a butter lamb with a lamb cake for dessert

  21. Our extended families don’t celebrate Easter on Easter due to conflicting schedules, so we’ll actually be celebrating 3 times: the day before with my in-laws, on Easter with just our kids, and the Sunday after Easter with my family. So there will be at least 2 egg hunts, 3 baskets of candy, and a few feasts. :)

  22. We plan to enjoy each other at Easter. Son attends a boarding school for the blind during the week, daughter has an internship out of town, so having them both home for Easter weekend is very special. We’ll probably have Husband’s famous potato salad on the side, fresh bread (my turf), with the ham as main feature and one of my classic desserts.

  23. I’ve never “done” Easter dinner – usually my grandma-in-law’s job, but she’s going out of town this year! So we’re hosting the whole family and I’m terrified!

  24. I am spending Easter with five members of my family and, as is usual, I’m cooking a leg of lamb. Not everyone likes lamb so we usually also have a roast chicken or a ham.

    Oh, and the recipe sounds delish.

  25. I plan on surprising my usband and a couple of needy neighbors with a home cooked ham! This would really help me out financially to help feed hungry people.

  26. We’re spending Easter at home and I’m going to make a ham along with mashed potatoes and some fresh vegetables.

  27. This is the first year we will be spending Easter dinner with dear friends, instead of family. I’d surprise my husband with a ham dinner and all the trimmings, because he loves leftovers, and will miss them the day after Easter.

  28. I am, for the first time, making Easter dinner for my boyfriend and our families! I’m nervous but am also excited to have everyone together for the holiday :)

  29. Will spend it with my family – parents, in-laws, brother, husband – and of course enjoying a wonderful dinner!

  30. We will take our ham out to the desert near the Salton Sea / Borrego Springs where we have camped with friends for too many years to count. The Easter Bunny always swings by and gives candy to kids, big and small. For our Easter dinner we line up all our banquet tables and have a sit down dinner. Hop Hop Ham

  31. My favorite way to celebrate the Easter holiday is to start the day with our traditional family breakfast of hard-boiled eggs dyed subtle shades of pastel yellow, purple, and teal…usually speckled with dots of residual dye from the copper egg dipper… sliced and eaten atop toasted Bohemian rye bread with chucks of roasted sweet Italian sausage, accompanied by fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, hot coffee, and orange juice. The breakfast is a mingling of Polish and Italian traditions from my grandparents and is representative of the “breaking of the fast” from meat products during Lent. My two sons relish the breakfast and I’m hoping that, as they mature and move onto their own independent lives, they take this family tradition along with them and make it part of their family traditions.

  32. We always celebrate Easter with our family and always bake a ham sometimes honey glazed other times with cloves and brown sugar , but always mouth watering good! I make orange ambrosia and we have deviled eggs and home made bread or rolls . It is family time to get together over a big meal and catch up , take photos , go to church and reflect on our many blessings and we have so many blessings to be thankful for!
    We usually have an Easter egg hunt for the kids, though most of them are nearly grown now , still it is fun to decorate and hide the eggs and then make egg salad with ham out of the leftovers .

  33. I don’t observe Easter and I’m not much of a ham eater, so I’d probably donate the ham to a shelter if I won. That said, the most memorable ham I ever had was served with a simple raisin sauce from the Joy of Cooking. You just simmer raisins in cider with a few spices and a little butter and flour to thicken, then pour over the sliced ham. SO good!

  34. My daughter, sister, and her granddaughter have been cooking most of the holiday meals at my Mom and Dad’s for a few years now. We try different things with the ham but usually it’s something like mustard, brown sugar and pineapple.

  35. Easter is a big deal in our family, everyone gathers together at Grandma’s house to celebrate. Church service in the morning, followed by a huge feast where ham is the centerpiece. We prepare our ham with brown sugar and coca-cola. It bakes up moist and delicious. A hunt to find eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden in the yard follows dinner. later in the evening everyone heads back into the kitchen for homemade biscuits with slices of ham. If we are lucky enough to have leftovers, which is seldom, the next day we whip up a scrumptious ham and potato au gratin.

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  37. We are going over to my parents in the morning for a easter egg hunt. Then we will either eat there or go out to brunch.

  38. We’re going to my mom and dad’s for their annual Easter brunch, BUT I’m struggling to come up with a suitable idea for Mother’s Day and think this Ham Saltimbocca recipe may just be it, so I kinda need to win the ham.

  39. Ham was always may favorite meat when I was growing up. I have now grown more than I should have (I’m the giant economy size!) and am careful about what I eat. Ham is truly a treat nowadays. Rather than take the two hour drive to spend Easter with my mom and siblings, we are going to stay home and have our own quiet celebration. After 8 years of retirement, I have returned to work since my husband had been laid-off. With our son, we are all now working different shifts and Easter will be one day we can spend together.

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  41. It goes with out question that I will be taking my kids and hubby to the in-laws. We will cook,play,and a have a very good time with the family. I will eat my mother-in laws delicious recipes and they will all eat mine as well!! I always make the ham and they all seem to love it or thats what they tell me at least. So making memories for us and the young kids is really what its all about,without Drama and lots of good times! I will rock the ham with or without this free one, but it would still be nice and great!!

  42. Well, I live alone and am on Social Security, so I’d bake the ham and invite my neighbor (who is also alone) over and then make and freeze some meals for later. I’d be very appreciative for the ham and the opportunity to share it with my friend.
    Thank you

  43. Ham on the holidays is truly the gift that keeps giving.
    Personal favorite is to start with the ham and give it a nice glazing with Blackstrap molassess, cloves and a touch of cumin to add some smoke. Maybe I’ll use Sorghum.
    Leftovers are then a snap. Sandwiches, done on a panini press Cubano style. Denver omelettes the next morning. If I’m feeling particularly daring, and my knives are sharp enough, Ham cups with pesto and buffalo mozarella.
    Finally, the bones. Nothing makes me happier than to drop the bones in a pot of pinto beans that cook for hours. Served on a nice cast iron cornbread with candied jalapenos.

  44. I am making a complete Slovak Easter dinner and ham is the main part of the meal along with home made perogi’s, paska, cirak, kilbasa, kolachi, pickled eggs and the list goes on.

  45. We’ll probably spend the day relaxing at home with our 1 1/2 year old son. He’s still too small to enjoy an Easter basket or an egg hunt, but he will definitely enjoy a nice big Easter dinner!

  46. This will be our first Easter together. We were married in November. I would truly enjoy making a SUPER delicious ham (my husband’s favorite) meal. Leftovers would include sandwiches, salad, and bean soup. This is very nice of you to do — you are sure to delight someone.

  47. Our family will spend the holiday with our extended family, and we will have an Easter brunch with Ham and all the trimmings. There will be an Easter egg hunt and a bubble blowing contest for the kids.

  48. Our families are invited to Grandpa & Grandma’s at noon every Easter. But this year the men folk are all working that day. So this is a blessing that they all have a job, along with being Easter Sunday. So the wives will be making meals to go from the Easter Dinner. We’ll bring all our special side dishes to their home, where Grandpa already put the huge ham in the oven that morning. So when we arrive the smell of home and family hits you, and puts a smile on your face. It’s amazing how just the smell of a delicious ham baking can make memories last forever.

  49. We will hide Easter eggs for our god-daughter after church, then sit down to a nice Easter dinner. We love ham and it will definitely be included (and the photo of this one is particularly toothsome!).


  51. This year my husband and I will be home for Easter as I am not well enough to travel–We are still having ham–don’t want to go to a restautant as I love left-over ham!!

  52. Happy Easter! My plans are to cook the meal, which I am fixing my husbands favorite meat(A Spiral Ham). This year to make things easier for me, I am fixing potatoe salad the day before. I usaually have mashed potatoes but wanted to do something different. Frozen corn and creamed lima beans is always a favorite and doesn’t take much to fix.
    I will probably make deviled eggs the day before Easter too. Then some sweet rolls and a couple of cherry cream cheese desert from the store. My Mom, daughter and her boyfriend, son, and his girlfriend and my husband will be ready to eat at noon and celebrate this joyous occasion.

  53. The ham isn’t really a big deal at dinner, where the side dishes tend to dominate. It really comes into its own after Easter. Sliced cold ham and mustard on dill rye bread, mmmm! Ham salad, yummy! Ham and pinto bean soup – open the windows, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

  54. Mmmm…I love ham.

    I mix brown sugar, ground cloves, and a little dry mustard, and press a light coating on my ham. Then, I pull out the ol’ blowtorch and carmelize it. I repeat until I have a nice crunch coating. It’s a lot less expensive than honeybaked! ☺

  55. Ham will be the centerpiece of our holiday meal–it’s a yearly tradition. My mom always studded the ham with cloves, and put on a brown sugar glaze, then put pineapple rings on top. I don’t always do that, tho…sometimes we buy a spiral-sliced ham. Any way we serve ham, everyone thinks it’s delicious! For our meal, I’ll probably have scalloped potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and fresh strawberry dessert. All of us love to just eat ham plain, too. Roll-ups, on sandwiches, ham is good any and every way! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter!

  56. I love all pork. Thanks for the great recipe! I plan on cooking a ham on Thursday, no time to cook on Easter. Hope this recipe is good after chilling in the fridge? If anyone has sugestions for a precooked ham please let me know.!!

  57. we have about a zillion different places to travel for easter, so we won’t be cooking at home. the ham would be wonderful for when we are home though, and between the travelling for a quick meal.

  58. Well Easter this year is on my birthday so I’ll mostly be spending it with family celebrating both Easter and my birthday.

  59. We attend church services, then have dinner at either my house or my Mom’s. Of course, there’s an Easter egg hunt for the kids. We usually spend the entire day together enjoying each other’s company. Since Mom’s been in a wheelchair, these occasions are truly special.

  60. We are celebrating this year at our house! Its our turn to make the Ham! New Traditions and hopefully celebrating a new baby in the family too!

  61. We are getting together with the family. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are serving HAM!! It’s Easter, you have to have ham. I bring the Augratin Potatoes and someone else brings the rest of the dishes. It is a great day!!

  62. This year is a special Easer for us, our nephew is coming home from Cuba he left last year about a week after Easter to serve with the U.S. Army at Guantanamo Bay. It is also our granddaughters (Kiley Ann) very first Easter, so we will be starting some new traditions with her as well. Two days after Easter my sister and my two neices will be visiting from Arkansas with their husbands and my two great nephews… so any left over ham will be welcomed. It is going to be a wonderful Easter this year for all of us and we are wishing everyone at Maschhoffs a wonderful Easter as well. God’s Blessings

  63. We are all going to my mom’s for dinner and she is making chicken breasts of all things!!! Would be great to show up with a ham instead.

  64. My family loves celebrating with ham, First we use part of the ham as an appetizer placed out on a tray so everyone can grab some while waiting for Sunday Dinner. We use the rest of the ham and slowly let it marinate in the oven as the sweet smell permiates the house the Easter feast is prepared. Dinner is served and the ham is always the main attraction and then afterwards everyone fights for the left overs later that evening for sandwhiches or just a late evening snack.

  65. Easter is my all time favorite holiday. This year I will be working, raising those pigs to make the hams. Hopefully by the time I’m home there will be ham left over for a sandwich at least.

  66. We will start out by going to church, then it’s off to my grandma’s house where she will have a traditional cooked ham with the brown sugar and pineapple. She rarely has any leftovers. After we stuff ourselves there then we head to my mom’s house where she will have slow cooked a delicious ham. Some make sandwhiches and some will eat it right off the bone. We are a bunch of pigs when it comes to our Easter ham. We will have a ton of side sides like broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, rolls and plenty of desserts too, but nothing will compare to our scrumptious, delicious, tender and juicy ham. We love spending time with our family! Happy Easter to you and yours and enjoy your ham.

  67. My husband is so crazy about ham, it’s funny! His favorite way to enjoy it is with a brown sugar glaze, covered in pineapple rings and maraschino cherries.

  68. When I cook a ham I cut a diamond pattern across the ham with a knife and insert whole cloves into the slits. I cover the entire roaster with foil to seal in the juices from the ham. This makes a very delicious, moist ham to eat. A ham goes well with creamed carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, just to name a few!

  69. We always spend time with family on Easter whether it is in the Omaha area or in Central NE in the Ord area. We are headed to western NE this year to celebrate with my 2 sisters families and my parents and spend a couple nights in a hotel due to the distance. We are also baptizing my new niece Anna Marie who was born on February 25th and my son Austin will be the godfather. I am anxious to see family and especially our newest addition to the family.

  70. I am having our second annual Easter at our house. My whole family comes and all of my in laws come too. There are a lot of us and tons and tons of fun!!! I would use this ham for Easter or for my son’s 8th grade graduation 2 weeks later on Mother’s Day weekend. We ususally serve pork. Everyone loves it!!!

  71. we have a fimily dinner on Easter after church. My whole family loves ham and is one of their favorite meats. since my mom is no longer able to host the meal-I cook the dinner. Our ham is usually just baked plain beause we grew up in a time when all you done to anything was salt and pepper it. Easter is a very special tie. This year though, with the economy like it is-it will be difficcult to get a ham like usual. There is usually left overs that make great sandwiches and ham salad. I love to boil the bone to use in ham and noodles. thank you or the opportunity to enter. God bless

  72. My dad and I will have a nice Easter dinner with a Cooks Ham , mashed potatoes , & green beans, cooked & served by me on the patio in Sunny Phoenix Az. Sincerely, Rachel Zappia

  73. I would use the ham to host Easter dinner for the first time at my house! The whole family will be going to different services & both my siblings will be with in laws so I would have my parents over & cook my first ham!

  74. An easy but delicious way to prepare ham is in the slow cooker with a can of Coke poured on top of it. Cook it on slow and it makes for a delicious ham.

  75. Looking forward to a twice-baked ham. Technique from an aunt. Bake it completely the night before and refrigerate. Put on low heat the next day before your meal. I don’t know if this does something to the texture or what, but I think it is wonderful.
    I’d love to be a winner!

  76. My husband and I have four children, one who is married and two with boyfriends. I’ve always prepared big holiday dinners to include all. This year however I will not be able to afford a ham to serve for Easter. My job was eliminated 2.5 years ago and I have been unsuccessful in finding new work. I manage to feed my family on $200 per month so there is no extra for the expense of a ham this year. Not sure what to do.

  77. We are celebrating with my parents and my sister and her family. We have not figured out what we are going to eat yet and ham would be fantastic!

  78. I’ll be spending Easter with my family in California. I have a great recipe for ham glaze. I mix brown sugar, mustard and vinegar. I smother the ham and bake. As glaze melts, I baste the ham throughout cooking. This was my grandmothers recipe and I use it all year long!

  79. I am due to have a baby on the 26 so our day is up to when the baby comes! But I would love to eat some good ham. I love a good honey glaze!!!!!

  80. I’ll be spending Easter with my family in California. I have a great recipe for ham glaze. I mix brown sugar, mustard and vinegar. I smother the ham and bake. As glaze melts, I baste the ham throughout cooking. This was my grandmothers recipe and I use it all year long!

  81. I’ll be spending Easter with my family in California. I have a great recipe for ham glaze. I mix brown sugar, mustard and vinegar. I smother the ham and bake. As glaze melts, I baste the ham throughout cooking.

  82. I’ll be spending Easter with my family in California. I have a great recipe for ham glaze. I mix brown sugar, mustard and vinegar. I smother the ham and bake. As glaze melts, I baste the ham throughout cooking. This was my grandmothers recipe and I use it all year long

  83. We’re going to have an egg hunt in the yard for the little ones and my grandmother makes the most wonderful honey mustard glazed ham and her yummy homemade mac and cheese is to die for!

  84. This will be the Husband and I’s first Easter away from our families in a different state! We’d love to ham it up with your ham. It will definitely be blogged about too because I’ve never won anything before!

  85. I am planning on making a ham with either a peanut butter sauce or a maple glaze – I love both and can’t decide.

  86. I plan on celebrating Easter with my 85 year old mother, two of my sisters and their family. The best thing about the meal is feeding the babby and watching him eat.

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