saying farewell


We were going to publish this on Friday, but we thought most of you would think this was an April Fool’s joke.

This is our last post for Pork Knife and Spoon.

We weren’t fired. Silly! We haven’t had a change of heart about pork and become vegetarians. This was a hard decision.

After all, for the last two years, Danny and I have been looking at our lives through the lens of this blog. We’ve shared stories of meals in the some of the best restaurants in Seattle, the first head cheese we made from scratch, visits to Iowa, discoveries about prosciutto, and feeding our daughter with good food. Yes, we’ve pointed you in the direction of other writers whose recipes we like and odd things like meat dresses and bacon purses. We’ve had a hilarious, wonderful time writing this blog.

Still, it’s time for us to bid farewell.

Our lives have grown fantastically busy. Ridiculously busy. Once our cookbook was published, my inbox flushed out with thousands of letters. The offers came calling. And we started creating another cookbook.

We have a lot of irons in the fire right now and we don’t want anyone to get burned.

Those of you who have been reading regularly, thank you. But you might have noticed that there have been gaps of time when we were silent here. We were doing our best but we were overwhelmed. And our busy happy lives of too many possibilities don’t seem to be slowing down.

So, at the beginning of 2011, we made the tough decision to bid you all adieu.

However, stay right where you are. This blog will go on.

The Pork Board has hired three bloggers to inspire you with their passion for pork through 2011.

(It takes three people to do our job!)

From April to June of 2011, your host on Pork Knife and Spoon will be Kristina Vanni. “Kristina is the proud creator of the $5,000 Winning Recipe at the 2009 Food Network Wine and Food Festival “‘America’s Next Pork Personality Contest!’” She also writes a blog about eating well on not much money. We know she’ll love sharing stories of good meals with you here.

From July to September of 2011, the host of Pork Knife and Spoon will be Susan Russo, who writes the blog Food Blogga. She’s funny and impassioned with her second book coming out soon.

From October to December, you will enjoy the wit and videos of John Mitzewich, who keeps the food blog Food Wishes. We couldn’t be more excited about John taking this job for a few months if we tried. We know that Kristina and Susan will be great, but we also know John as a friend. Watch for his helpful, hilarious videos on how to cook pork.

You’re in for some great posts, everyone.

We want to take this space to say thank you. Thank you for all your comments, your questions, your recipe suggestions. Thank you for the emails, the Twitter messages, and the good wishes. We’ve been changed, all for the better, by writing about pork every week for two years. We will miss this space and you.

And tonight? We’re having a pizza with prosciutto and thin slivers of salami.

What, you think that because we’re not going to be writing here anymore that we’re going to stop eating pork?

Don’t be ridiculous.

We will always love the pig.

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