bacon guacamole


photograph of this amazing dish from Family Fresh Cooking

I showed this photograph of bacon guacamole salsa to Danny. He stared at it and said one thing:

“Oh, shut the f- up!”

My thoughts exactly. We are making this today. You should too.

For the recipe, visit the beautiful blog Family Fresh Cooking. Now.

3 thoughts on “bacon guacamole

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my recipe to show case here. I was very surprised to open the ping back this morning :) This dish was amazing & there are wonderful memories attached to it as well. It was prepared on a crisp sunny day in Telluride, CO during our summer vacation in the mountains. My little kids couldn’t wait to get their hands all over the bacon in this guac! The meal we enjoyed together was delightful. Happy days indeed.

  2. I completely agree with Danny. I have been craving bacon lately too. I even found some natural style bacon -marked gf- at our local grocery outlet for $2.49 a package. I didn’t feel a bit silly loading up my cart with 14 packages. This salsa looks incredible. I’m also going to give this vintage idea a whirl on Sunday using some Pamela’s:

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