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peanut butter and pork belly sandwich


photo from No Recipes

Are you game for new tastes? Would you be willing to suspend your disbelief and try a bite of something called a spicy peanut butter and pork belly sandwich?

We sure would.

Marc Matsumoto is a talented writer, recipe developer, and photographer. In other words, a great blogger.

“For me, food has been a life long journey of exploration, discovery and experimentation and as I continue along my own culinary path, I hope to share some of the lessons and flavours I learn along the way.”

His blog, No Recipes, is a constant source of interesting flavor combinations, exuberant preparations, and fabulous food.

Like spicy peanut butter pork belly sandwich.

Try one and let us know what you think.

Sugar Bacon Cookies


photo from Tasting Table

“Gerard Craft isn’t the only chef we know with a serious thing for pigs. Charcuterie and country ham feature prominently on the menu at his St. Louis small-plates spot, Taste. But his most heartfelt tribute to swine might be his Pigwich–a pair of milk-chocolate-shortbread cookies that hug a sugary, bacon-based cream. If you’re in the habit of saving your bacon fat, here’s another showstopping way to put it to use. But if you have only the fat from this morning’s breakfast, feel free to make up the difference with butter.”

If you don’t want to make these cookies, we don’t know why you’re reading this site.

If you do, go over here for the recipe.

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: the video

Last week we told you about our new cookbook, coming out soon. We hope you’ll think about buying it.

This promo for the cookbook, shot by our incredible friends Todd Porter and Diane Cu (also known as White on Rice Couple). You may remember that we told you, back at the end of July, that they were here with us for a few days.

Well, they were here to film this cookbook trailer. We could not be more honored to be part of this work.

We’d love if you would watch this.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with pork? Watch for the shots of chorizo. That pizza is practically the star of the show.

Pam Anderson pig roast


We are, of course, hoping that you will order our cookbook for great meals in your kitchen.

However, there is more than one great cookbook in the world. There are at least 2 dozen we want to own right now, including the new book by Pam Anderson.

No, not that Pam Anderson. This Pam Anderson, the former executive editor of Cook's Illustrated and author of five great cookbooks before this one. Pam's cookbooks are always practical and welcoming, with complex flavors thrown in the mix.

She and her two daughters write a novel food blog called Three Many Cooks. The three of them take turns posting stories about food, family, and the small discoveries of daily life.

If you need an introduction to Pam's work, as an enticement to buying her book, take a look at this piece she wrote about a pig roast she recently attended.

We're fans. We think you will be too.


risotto with fava beans, English peas, and prosciutto

from the book III

We got the first real copy of our cookbook today.


You work for three years on an idea, and then you hold it in your hands. There’s nothing like it.

Soon, you will be able to hold it in your hands.

And believe me, you will want to make this risotto with fava beans, English peas, and prosciutto. (Doesn’t Lara Ferroni‘s photo make you want some?)

Plus, there is bacon-wrapped pork belly.

We’ll tell you more about this as we go along, but for now, may we suggest you order a copy on Amazon? If you love pork, you’ll love this book.

eating at Delancey

happy birthday, Delancey!

If you're lucky, you find a place to eat that feels like home. And yet, not like home, because in this place you don't have to pick up dirty pots and pans from the stove before you can start cooking. In fact, you don't have to cook at all. You simply sit down in a comfortable chair, ease into it, and wait for a menu to be plopped into your hands. Then, you talk and laugh with the people at your table. Like magic, food appears before you. And it smells like warm summer evenings with a small breeze. It looks like displays at the farmers market, just a touch messier. It tastes familiar and comforting, with a surprise in each bite too.

Danny and I are lucky. We have a couple of places like this in our lives. One of them, definitely, is Delancey.

Now, I should tell you right away that the owners of Delancey, Brandon Pettit and Molly Wizenberg, are two of our dearest friends. So we're hopelessly biased about how much we love this place. However, we're not the only ones. Every night, there are lines out the door, people waiting to get into the small space, sit down, and feel at home.

Brandon has been interested in pizza…well, it has been with him for a long time. But we watched the passion for pizza grow into an obsession with gluten content, crisp crust, and the number of hours it takes to let a dough rise into the best flavor. For years, he talked about pizza, flew around the country to visit the best pizza places and chew on crusts thoughtfully, then started buying chairs and giant mixers for the restaurant he would someday own. (He actually stored about 70 chairs in our garage for awhile.) This man is serious about his pizza.

Luckily, Brandon and Molly are also serious about other foods, as well. I say luckily because I can't eat pizza. (Or at least not traditional pizza.) And when we stopped by Delancey, it happened to be my birthday. It would have been a shame if I had not been able to eat anything.

perfect summer salad

Of course, knowing Brandon and Molly as I do, I knew I wouldn't suffer.

This salad was the most flavorful arugula I have ever eaten, found at the farmers' market that morning, along with cream burrata, a drizzle of fruity olive oil, and some La Quercia prosciutto. If you have been reading this site, you know how we feel about La Quercia prosciutto.

On top of that, Brandon made me an incredible wood-fired oven pizza. Just one without a crust. He filled a bakeware dish with slices of prosciutto, burrata, fresh thyme, and sauteed cremini mushrooms. Then, he fired it in the oven, where the flames licked and spit and heated up my meal to something smokey and lovely. Who needs crust?

Of course, the crust at Delancey is quite incredible. Danny and Lu split one with fresh and aged mozzarella, Grana, and housemade pork sausage.

(If the battery on the camera had not died before the pizza arrived, you'd see a photo of that too.)

At Delancey, you can have housemade pork fennel sausage, La Quercia prosciutto, and Zoe's pepperoni and finocchiona on your pizza, or salad, or a crustless pizza.

Go. You'll feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.


1415 70th Street

Seattle, WA


summer birthday picnic

summer birthday picnic

Our friends Tita and John know how to live.

Nothing complicated. Tita grew up in the Midwest (Wisconsin, to be precise) and she just doesn't have time for any folderol, frou frou, or silliness. She and I have been friends for nearly 20 years and she has been my guide in all that is good through these years. John pretends to be a curmudgeon, but he has about the biggest heart of anyone I know. Lu loves them both. (“Titajohn!” she calls them.)

During the dog days of summer, just after Danny's birthday and just before mine, Tita and John invited us over for a picnic. Nothing complicated. Potato salad. Deviled eggs. Pickles. Carrots. Cheese. Cashews. Apples with cinnamon. And slices of summer sausage. We all reached for those first.

Lu ran through the sprinklers. We played a game of croquet. Nothing else was in our minds besides the sun, the company, and the good food we had just eaten.


Seed to Sausage — a movie about charcuterie


photo courtesy of Denise at Chez Us

We had the pleasure of meeting Denise and Laudalino from the website Chez Us at the Kingsford weekend last year. It's always good to meet another couple who love food. Clearly, these two do.

Last summer, they had the chance to go to Gascony, in France. As they wrote:

“There really is nothing like freshly made Charcuterie and a glass of Floc to make one really appreciate the small things in life.  We first met Dominique Chapolard during a workshop that he teaches at with Kate Hill, French Pig – The Butcher & The Cook.  We instantly hit it off with both Dominique and Kate and knew it was only the beginning of a long friendship.”

Not a bad summer vacation, right?

The Chez Us couple recently launched a video they made about the making of charcuterie at this Gascony farm:

“One early summer morning we were able to work along side the Chapolard family, this is where we were able to capture this amazing video.  Not only does it show the hard work that goes into their amazing charcuterie but also the love and passion that the family has not only for each other but also for what they do.”

We think you'll like this video. It's fascinating and beautiful, even if it does show the butchering of meat.