Skagit River Ranch sweet Italian sausage

skagit river italian sausage lunch

We have a problem.

We're addicted to Skagit River Ranch's sweet Italian sausage.

George and Eiko, who own Skagit River Ranch, are two of the best people we've ever met. Dedicated, passionate, funny, and loving — these two just make you feel good when you talk to them. That they raise some of the best-tasting pork we have ever eaten is really a bonus. We have a package of their pork ribs in the refrigerator right now, and we're still trying to decide how best to enjoy them this week. Some of the finished pork dishes you have seen on this site were made with Skagit River Ranch pork.

We used to buy our pork directly from Eiko's hands, at the stand she mans at the University District Farmers' Market. That was our regular Saturday haunt, where we met friends and shopped for the week's food at the same time. We had it good. Now, however, that we live on the island, and Danny cooks at the restaurant on Saturdays, we don't make it over there as much as we would like. We've been feeling a little bereft without our sweet Italian sausage.

This past Friday, we stayed the night with friends in the city. This brought us all joy, not only because we could wake up in the morning and see these lovely people, but also because their house is a ten-minute walk from the farmers' market. Where did we go first when we arrived? The Skagit River Ranch stand. Eiko was amazed at how big our daughter is. We talked and laughed about being parents. We picked out a lot of meat (Skagit River Ranch sells theirs frozen, so they last longer) for the coming weeks.

And we bought some sweet Italian sausage. This was lunch on Saturday afternoon: roasted fingerlings and sauteéd onions (both from the farmers' market as well), some seared red pepper, and sweet Italian sausage.

That was a good lunch.