prosciutto pizza for Valentine’s Day

last night's pizza

Danny's on the way home from the restaurant right now. He's exhausted — I could tell from his voice on the phone — from cooking for couples all night long. Maybe someone proposed at one of the tables, with a flourish of cloth napkin and candlelight and teary eyes. Maybe they were eating Danny's pork loin special (stuffed with homemade garlic pork sausage, seared, and roasted) before it happened.

Maybe some couples had lousy nights, because they had so many expectations of this drippy day. (But the pork special probably helped.)

I really dislike Valentine's Day. I disliked it when I was single because I didn't have someone bringing me velvet heart-shaped boxes filled with slightly squashed chocolates because he had been so fervent in pressing them to his chest before he could reach me. Now that I'm married, I dislike Valentine's Day because it feels so artificial.

Love feels much more like this evening will be. Danny will come home after 10 pm, tired and smelling of garlic and the grill. He'll take off his hat — his hair sticking out above his ears — and fold me in his arms. Then he'll go into our daughter's room and watch her sleep for a moment. We'll sit on the couch smooshed with crackers left over from her lunch and food stains on the cushions. We'll sit down side by side, legs touching, the both of us tired but talking until midnight, sharing our day.

We might have a picnic on the couch and watch the Olympics. Probably, pizza. Maybe like this one — soft mozzarella, chevre, homemade puttanesca, and little slivers of prosciutto.

There will be no roses, no chocolates, no cards. Just the comfort of knowing each other, and knowing what love feels like, and no longer having to explain it to anyone else.


8 thoughts on “prosciutto pizza for Valentine’s Day

  1. We made pizza & watched Olympics, but OH there was chocolate. I’ve never understood why people go crazy for it, but I am officially part of the club now. I am just very thankful to be alive this year, as schmaltzy as that sounds, and glad my chef turned in his super-hero cape & just cooks for me now.

  2. Love this. We’re not celebrators of the day either, so we babysat our friends’ toddlers so they could do something nice for themselves. And spending the afternoon with a 3 year old at my side in the kitchen was so much fun – I had images of you and Lu in my head all afternoon. We made polenta chili pie and gluten free brownies – and watched the Olympics. Lovely – any day of the year.

  3. That sounds about right.

    I told my husband: no flowers, candy, candles. If you get something, I want something practical. He got me a keyboard. Mine sticks. :)

    That’s love for ya. I do love flowers, candy and candles, though. But we’ll have a romantic date some other time.


  4. Wow, Danny used to work at Papillon in Denver! It was one of our favorite restaurants and we were so sorry when it closed. Valentine’s Day for us is loving each other as much as we do the other 364 days of each year we are lucky to share our lives together, which is going on 34 years! <3

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