bacon is my co-pilot

bacon is my co-pilot

We’ve seen a lot of conversation and catch phrases about bacon in the last few years. Bacon is the new black. Bacon is the gateway meat. Bacon is good for me!

This phrase, on the back of a t-shirt sold at our local farmers’ market, may be our new favorite: bacon is my co-pilot.

The t-shirt is one of many phrases for the about-to-open Swinery, a retail store and charcuterie production house soon to open in West Seattle. For now, the folks who run The Swinery are selling bacon, sausages, bratwursts, and terrines at farmers’ markets around the area. Expect a report from us as soon as they open.

One of their other t-shirts says: “I do whatever the bacon tells me.”

Since it was International Bacon Day this past weekend, we thought you’d want to see this t-shirt.

And we’d love to hear about what you did to celebrate the day.

If you had to encapsulate all your feelings about bacon into one phrase, what would it be?

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