International Bacon Day

bacon cheeseburger

Tomorrow, Saturday September 5th, is a very important holiday.

No, Labor Day is on Monday. The weekend does feel like an entire holiday, but that’s not it either.

Do you know what September 5th is?

It’s International Bacon Day.


Not that we need another reason to eat bacon, but here’s yours. It’s time to celebrate bacon.

When I asked on Twitter today what people might be doing to celebrate the holiday, here’s what they said:

@vikingkat cook up bacon, make blt or eat w/scramble eggs+cream cheese

@HighChair Adding bacon to my broccoli slaw!

@Shibaguyz oooohh… I’m seeing a bacon & blue cheese stuff burger in my immediate future!

@cooklocal Making something delicious w/@seabreezefarm pancetta! Is that close enough to bacon? If not, bacon wrapped green beans.

@EmilysPearl Oh, Jesus. I’m afraid what I might do…

But really, as @mamster wrote, “What WON’T I be doing to celebrate!”

There are so many ways to enjoy bacon.

If you want a recipe, any of thousands of recipes, for making something delicious with bacon, look at the Bacon Show, an extensive blog dedicated to recipes with bacon.

Megan, of I Heart Bacon, seems to be posting again, sporadically. Hooray!

If you are, somehow, stumped for new ways to enjoy bacon, here are a few of the more unusual ideas for you:

How about a bacon sleeve for your iPhone?

If you are worried that you haven’t eaten enough bacon in one day, you could suck on these bacon mints.

This attempt failed, but perhaps you could successfully make a bacon pinata.

Mr. Bacon Pants is having a bacon photo contest.

And finally, if licking your lips after eating all that bacon has left them chapped, you could apply some of this bacon lip balm.
We will, of course, be enjoying bacon in a number of forms throughout the day. Perhaps a warm bacon vinaigrette for salads with poached eggs. Or candied bacon ice cream. Or a tomato soup with white beans and bacon.

Or perhaps we’ll just cook up a raft of bacon slices and munch throughout the afternoon.

Happy Bacon Day, everyone!

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