pork and more at La Boucherie


On Wednesday, we showed you the process of making pork belly roulade. Surely that last picture must have made you hungry for it?

If you would like some of that pork belly roulade — plus five more courses, mostly pork, cooked by Danny and our friend Matt — here’s your chance. Danny and Matt are the guest chefs, one time only, at La Boucherie on Vashon Island.

The dinner menu is as follows:

Smoked Salmon, Tomato, and Horseradish Cream Napoleon

Charcuterie Plate: Head cheese, Game Pate, and Red Onion

Homemade Sausage, Piperade, and Roasted Potatoes

Chicken Leg Confit with Bacon-Dripping Lentils

Pork Belly Roulade with Mushroom Duxelle with Melted Leek Coulis

Lemon Chocolate Tart

(and it all happens to be gluten-free!)

Cost is $65 a person.

La Boucherie is offering 1/2 priced wine, or a $10 corking fee if you bring a bottle.

The dinner date is Thursday, August 27th. Service starts at 7pm. Reservations are required. (If you would like to reserve, email Matt at matt@mattikaarts.com.

As you can see, Danny and Matt have somehow worked pork into every single course, save the first one. (oh, and there’s no pork in the tart, either.) Those of you who love pork (which should be everyone reading this site)? Come on over to Vashon Island to experience this delight.

Danny would be so happy to feed you great pork.

2 thoughts on “pork and more at La Boucherie

  1. That sounds so delicious! I wish I could have been there!!! How did it go? You haven’t blogged about how much everyone must have loved the food you were serving! Or posted pictures!

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