the process of making pork belly roulade

Danny working with pork belly II

This is Danny, slowly slicing the skin from a fresh pork belly.

That’s a sharp knife he’s using. That’s essential.

Danny working with pork belly III

You have to leave some fat on the belly for a good sear. You’re not trying to create a lean piece of meat here.

You want juicy and crisp, aching with flavor and ready to be eaten.

It’s a delicate balance. How much fat is too much? Too little?

This one worked for Danny.

Danny butterflying the pork belly

And here he is, butterflying open the pork belly. Look at the striation on that, the marbling of fat.

“Go slow,” he says. “Don’t rush. Just feel it with your knife.”

Danny finishing the butterflying

To finish it might take a few minutes, but it’s worth it.

(Of course, Danny is much, much faster than I could ever be. He has done this before. A few times.)

spreading the duxelle

This is mushroom duxelle that Danny’s spreading in the belly.

Mushrooms, shallots, garlic. Sherry, spinach, and thyme. Cream.

So much flavor.

trussing it up

This puppy is ready to be trussed.

roasted pork belly roulade with mushroom duxelle

There it is. About 30 minutes after entering the oven, it leaves as this.

We all wanted to break into applause.

finished pork belly

We fell silent when we saw this.

That crisp skin. The warm smell. The golden color.

We enjoyed this more than I could say.

Would you like a bite? You can have one.

On Friday, we’ll tell you how.

6 thoughts on “the process of making pork belly roulade

  1. Oh my. You two have managed to create a website that is rendering me helpless to resist its charms. All of this beautiful glorious pork…I will be back happily and often. =)

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog tonight! This pork belly looks SO succulent and I like how clearly you explain its preparation.

    I’ve had mixed results with pork belly, reflecting my own inexperience – one braise and one sous vide disaster (turned out okay but my kitchen was in shambles for a week)

    I think I’ve found what I’ll try next. Thanks again!

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