pork and game terrine

Matt's luscious pate

Our friend Matt made this for us.

We know that we’re pretty darned lucky. Matt, his wife Danika, and their darling son have become three of our favorite people in the world. We sit with them, talking about food and children, and the morning becomes afternoon becomes evening and we protest against the light fading because it means we have to part ways.

Matt’s blog, Wright Food, is bloody gorgeous. If you want to learn how to make your food photography shots more professional, take a peek at Matt’s tutorial on food photography and post-production. They are bound to make you a more thoughtful photographer.

I wish I could have taken the time to set up this shot of Matt’s pork terrine the way it deserved. However, he brought this to our pork party last month. With a house full of guests, I had no choice but to rush it outside to a spot of light and photograph it fast. (And thus the slight sloppiness of the fat on the plate isn’t Matt’s fault here.)

So, if you would like, make this game terrine (with pork belly, duck, and liver, among other ingredients) of Matt’s and take your own photo. You’re bound to have a beautiful subject for the lens. And then, you eat.

One thought on “pork and game terrine

  1. Such beautiful souls making such beautiful foods. I know I live in the wrong state…
    Well, that B&B of ours in Greece will just have to accomodate 3 more people beside you guys, Lucy, Anita and Cameron, Tea, Lorna and Henry,…oh dear…I think we need a whole village with an ample supply of hogs and goats!!

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