Jamie Oliver’s leg

20041227-57e1beeee4f577f2e30e6c72ee2e72a74a7080c2-scaledphoto from Jamie Oliver’s Twitter feed

Not his actual leg, silly.

His leg of pork.

Do you know Jamie Oliver? You don’t? Goodness, what have you been doing?

(and those of you do know him can skip this next bit.)

Jamie Oliver is one of the UK’s best chefs. You probably know him first as a tv chef, which might make you dubious. I was, before I started watching his shows and reading his books. Could a tv chef actually know his stuff? Well, Jamie sure does. When I first met Danny, and I was already besotted with Jamie, we watched one of his first shows, Oliver’s Twist. I was a little worried that Danny would find Jamie Oliver more a flashy personality than a knowledgeable chef. Instead, he shushed me when I talked, and then leapt up to the kitchen after the show was over, to make us something new.

We’re both inspired by Jamie Oliver.

He’s an inspiring bloke. Not only has he created a successful career by making good food in Great Britain, but he has a great connection with some important charities to do with food. He owns a restaurant called Fifteen, which is staffed with students whom his organization has trained, kids who were once on the dole or wandering in their lives. (You can watch the process of training the first set of kids in the riveting Jamie’s Kitchen.) He has also been attempting to make school lunches in Great Britain much better through his Ministry of Food.

And of course, how could we not love his new campaign, Jamie Saves Our Bacon?

Therefore, as you can imagine, we have spent the last day dreaming of eating this leg of pork, which Jamie described as “pork leg experiment salted slow cooked then glazed with good vinegar blossom honey and chilli come on fantastico!”

We’re only hoping that he’ll share the actual recipe soon, because we want to make this now.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s leg

  1. I am crying. I am sitting here looking at an uncooked leg of pork and have been searching for recipes all over the internet. This leg looks delicious. Did he brine it I wonder?

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