rice krispies with bacon

becky's rice krispies with bacon

Look at that.

Rice Krispies. With bacon.

Our friend Becky Selengut writes a wonderful blog called Chef Reinvented, which you should all be reading. I’ll tell you more about Becky when she’s ready with the recipe for this lovely confection. She brought it to the family birthday party we had on Sunday, where the table was laden with food, and still these Rice Krispie treats earned ooooooohs when they entered the room.

For now, I’m just going to entice you by showing you the photograph.

And ask you: to what unexpected foods have you added bacon? and how did everyone like the bacon surprise?

4 thoughts on “rice krispies with bacon

  1. Oh my. Only Becky would have thought of combining bacon with rice krispy treats. Odd. Amazing. Mouth-gasm-ic. And I thought the bacon caramels were edgy!!

  2. a few weeks ago, we had a “twacon up”, a Twitter meet-up centered around bacon. We gave out bacon band-aids and bacon mints as party favors and my husband made bacon vodka, which I mixed with irish cream and ice in the blender to make a creamy sweet bacon frappe concoction(adult version)!

    It was the hit of the evening, everyone agreed, and I will be bringing the ingredients to the next twacon-up for sure!

    Can’t wait for Becky’s recipe, we will be bringing that along as well!

  3. The one that surprised me the most, and is incredibly delicious was bacon wrapped bananas, but the oddest might have been the Bacon Apple Strudel. It was amazing, but I would have never thought of it myself.

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