a dress made of bacon and salami


This may be hard to believe, but we may have found someone more dedicated to pork and its goodness than we are.

This is Jia. She was invited to an Aqua Teen Hunger Force party. So, she went as Meatwad.

As she wrote in her blog:

“I had an ATHF birthday party. Why Meatwad? Well, he’s a big pile of meat. I love meat. I wanted to make the costume as smelly and gross as possible, because Meatwad is smelly and gross. Sure, I could have chosen a fabric that looked like meat, or done a mascot costume. However, I thought it’d be hilarious (and totally accurate!) to do it out of real meat. I didn’t think it was feasible, but the more I thought about it, it became the ONLY OPTION.”

Well, of course.

And so she made a dress made entirely out of salty bacon and salami. As her boyfriend was quoted as saying, “”It took about a day for the salami smell to wear off.”

Now that’s dedication to pork.

(And we found out about Jia’s feat from a website called Noise Creep. So there you go.)

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