bacon-wrapped cherries

bacon-cherries-5 photo by Lara Ferroni

Have you ever been to see Cook and Eat?

If you have visited, you know that Lara Ferroni is a phenomenally talented food photographer. Whether she’s making donuts, or creating salsa with many chiles and produce from her garden, or making her own Nutella, Lara knows how to make life look as beautiful as it is.

She also runs a food photography and styling blog called Still Life With, an incredible wealth of information on how to style food and take better photos of it. Do you want to learn how to make your food look more lush and delicious? Go there. (And someday, when I have more time, I want to read every entry, from start to finish.)

We feel luckier than we know how to say — Lara is the photographer for our upcoming cookbook. Wait until you see these images. Anyone who looks at the food Danny cooked and Lara shot and still feels deprived living gluten-free? Well, that person will need his or her head examined.

Especially the shots of the pork belly wrapped in bacon.

The other day, Lara topped herself with this post on bacon-wrapped cherries. (She calls it the best potluck food ever. We’re hoping she’s going to bring it to our next potluck.)

Go over and read for yourself the way to bacon-cherry heaven.

Lara, you just keep inspiring us.

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