more bacon love

Lucy loves bacon!

There’s our daughter, clutching one of her favorite toys: a piece of felt bacon.

That’s our girl.

It has been awhile since we talked about bacon, and every day, new stories appear. It’s time for some bacon love.

* Have you seen bacon being used in desserts more often? Here’s a piece from the McClatchy newspaper group about this growing trend. Check out this list of bacon items:

“Evidence of the national palate embrace of sweet, sweet bacon? Try bacon baklava at Louisville’s Brown hotel. Or bacon and egg ice cream with pain perdu (caramelized French toast) at the Michelin three-star-rated Fat Duck restaurant near London. And in New York City, Page said, Gramercy Tavern serves a milk chocolate tart with creme frache and bacon. And the Dovetail Restaurant in New York? Brioche bread pudding with bananas and bacon brittle.”

Read to the bottom of the piece and you’ll find a recipe for Love Me Tender Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana Cookies. Yum. (If anyone makes these, let us know.)

* The justifiably famous Zingerman’s has brought out an entire book about bacon. Stories of Pork Bellies, Hush Puppies, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music and Bacon Fat Mayonnaise — now with a name like that, it has to be good. Check out this description:

“Take a trip to Camp Bacon with James Beard award-winner Ari Weinzweig as he guides you on a personal tour of bacon’s long and curious history, and brings you right to the smokehouse door of some of his favorite bacon curers in the U.S. ‘Bacon is so integral to the culinary history of this country. The roots are so deep in our cooking, I think of it as the olive oil of North America.’”

Doesn’t that make you want to read it? It’s only $29.99, and it’s available from Zingerman’s Press. In fact, we might just have to buy a copy and review it for you at length here later.

{By the way, right now on the Zingerman’s home page is this enticing offer for Father’s Day: “Praise The Lard: Six amazing selections of pork. It’ll take a special kind of faith for dad make it through this gift box, tallying up at over two and a half pounds of pork, plus bread and chocolate. Arkansas Peppered Bacon, Sam Edwards Virginia Breakfast Sausage Links, Broadbent’s Kentucky Smoked Sausage, Real Spanish Chorizo, Zingerman’s Peppered Bacon Farm Bread. And, to round things out, Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar.”

Shh. I might just get Danny this for his first father’s day coming up.}

* Jessie Oleson is one of our favorite illustrators, and people. She runs an incredible website called CakeSpy, which admittedly has little to do with pork, generally. However, recently she created an illustration that we really want to hang on the wall of our kitchen: bacon and cupcakes having cocktails together. Here is Jessie’s explanation of why:

“I have chosen to illustrate two of the trendiest foods around: cupcakes and bacon. Sure, some foodie types will argue that they’ve jumped the shark, but these sweet (and salty) pleasures, which have captured the nation’s (and, it seems, world’s) attention, still seem to be spreading like wildfire, which leads one to believe that the fever for these foods is still contagious.”

You got that right, Jessie. Absolutely.

* And finally, if our sporadic bacon updates simply aren’t enough for you, check out this new website: It’s All About the Bacon.

Enough said.

2 thoughts on “more bacon love

  1. I am so excited to discover pork knife and spoon! I have read gluten-free girl for years but just came back from a long internet break and had lots of catching up to do (SO glad your baby is doing well!). I am loving both your voices here and, of course, drooling all over my keyboard. My husband is the real bacon king around here, and I can’t wait for him to read this. He’s working in the garden right now and I just shouted out to him, “I have an internet present for you when you’re done!” Very glad for pork (and for all of us) that it’s getting the Ahern treatment.

  2. Love the adorable photo!!!

    You’re absolutely correct that cooking competitions have taken hold in NYC.
    Did you hear about the Bacon Takedown when that went down in Brooklyn?
    Here’s my recap as a contestant! :)

    Also, I just won a Risotto Challenge in Manhattan with a delicious, completely vegetarian, gluten-free recipe (Ohhh Soo Slow Risotto w/roasted vegetable stock, slow-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, aged goat cheese…) — I’m sure it would only improve w/the addition of bacon of some sort…

    Thanks for the great posts!

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