mmmmmmmm, bacon.

portrait of the two of us, with bacon

We love bacon.

That probably goes without saying. After all, we did have a bacon party last year, well-attended by our friends. We wax poetic over the taste and fat-to-meat ratio of Skagit River Ranch bacon. And that photograph above? That’s the bacon air freshener hanging down from our rear-view mirror. (The original smell was a sad, acidic imitation of bacon, and we had to drive around town with the windows of the car rolled down until it went away. Bacon, it seems, cannot be bottled.) So yes, we love bacon.

Oh, we also have a recipe for bacon-wrapped bacon in our upcoming cookbook. Stay tuned for more news on that.

So it’s safe to say. We love bacon around here.

We’re not the only ones. Bacon has been called, thousands of times, “…the gateway meat.” Even some vegetarians start to crave the salty smoky meat, the fat crisped up in the oven, the decadent heady combination. You may have noticed, the last couple of years: bacon is it. Everyone loves bacon, including Megan, who created the recently resurrected fabulous website: I Heart Bacon.

There are skateboards designed to look like bacon, pillows meant to look like bacon, and bandaids that sizzle around your finger when you have a cut. (I’d probably feel better if I could look down at my knuckle and see bacon while I was healing, come to think of it.) There is no shortage of people desperate to bring bacon into every part of their lives.

David Lebovitz makes candied bacon ice cream (oh yum). Noelle Carter of the Los Angeles Times has created chicken-fried bacon with a creamy ranch dipping sauce. And somewhere in San Francisco, a dedicated group of bacon enthusiasts created Bacon Camp, where giant pods formed out of bacon were placed alongside bacon jerky and Maker’s Mark ice cream with maple caramel swirl and candied bacon.

Really, there’s no end to the bacon love.

Some might disagree. There is a small contingent of people insisting that bacon has seen its trendy day. Oh pshaw. We will never tire of bacon. How could we? It’s bacon.

So we’ll be making this a regular feature, here on Pork Knife and Spoon: bacon. Our favorite kinds of bacon, some of our favorite bacon recipes, and our favorite homages to bacon.

As Danny likes to say, “Mmmmmmmm. Bacon.”

10 thoughts on “mmmmmmmm, bacon.

  1. I think the chicken fried bacon recipe with cream gravy was actually the invention of a diner owner in Texas, Sodolak’s Original Country Inn. (Public television did a piece on it a few years ago–it’s on YouTube. I’m kind of surprised the LA Times didn’t reference it, but I’m not sure how the borrowing of recipes works …

    Happy bacon eating.

  2. mmmmm bacon indeed!!! Bacon never, ever goes out of style, not for me anyhow!! Have you guys tried making your own? I am pretty fond of the bacon from Seabreeze too – however last time I got some it was cut so darn poorly, it cooked pretty unevenly.

    Loving the bacon air freshener!!

  3. I make chicken-fried-bacon with mushroom gravy at home. I saw it on the Travel Channel and had a major craving. Now, I make it often. It is delish!

    I also have the bacon air freshner (agree, pretty gross!), bacon mints (SUPER GROSS!), and bacon strawberry candy (yummy, only looks like bacon.)

  4. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a Bacon-of-the-Month Club membership…2(!) pounds of artisanal bacon a month! I looked forward to getting my delivery each month and it was envy of all those in the mail room. Without even looking at the recipient name, they all knew it was for “that bacon girl.”

    If you don’t already know about it, you can find it at Grateful Palate ( along with a ton of other porcine goodies including bacon toilet paper, bacon brittle, and bacon salt. Here’s to all things bacon!

  5. Mmm, bacon.
    Another graphic, one my son-in-law likes to make us laugh with, is the one on the air-type hand dryers in public restrooms. The picture, of a hand pressing a button then held horizontally with a wavy box thing over it, has become: “press button, receive bacon”.
    I truly do understand how difficult it must be to draw warm air.
    But our young Ken sure can make us laugh when he conjures that image.

  6. Oh…bacon. We love bacon so much that my eight-year-old composed a song about it. The first line: “Bacon come to me, and stay a while/ I’d be so grateful if you would…”

  7. Congratulations on the new blog. I just read the whole thing and am looking forward to the 3 weekly updates. I’m with Danny. Mmmmmmm, bacon.

  8. Actually, I think it was Homer Simpson who coined the phrase “Mmmmmmm, bacon,” but I think it’s a sentiment anyone (well, anyone reading this blog, anyway) can get behind.

  9. I did not realize the intensity of your love of pork. I, too, love me some pig. We have served bacon truffles (yes! bittersweet chocolate and bacon!) at our wine tastings. Last night we served a wine dinner and one of the main courses was going to be bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. As I pulled the bacon from it’s sleeve of paper I thought “what if I did this instead…” and it was good. I put the bacon in the food processor with a hand full of fresh parsley, some fresh sage, garlic, salt & pepper, and processed it with some olive oil to loosen it all up a bit. I pressed it all around the tenderloin and left it in the walk in overnight. I cooked it (convection 325) to about 145 degrees and the bacony outside was crisp in places, and tasted sort of like herby sausage. It smelled phenomenal and tasted even better! My staff was falling over each other to get to the crispy cracklings that fell off the thick slices we served. I don’t know what to call the herby bacon coating… sort of a bacon pesto! Definitely do it, you will be very happy.


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